The global pandemic has made major adjustments to the activities of many businesses around the world. Changes and challenges have not only affected major issues such as disruption of supply chains, a decrease in the number of customers, or a significant decrease in profits but also fewer pressing issues such as office work. 

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After a short period, when everything slowly begins to normalize, we observe that a significant number of companies are returning to the previous mode of operation. They lease the permanent premises but are already trying to secure them for their employees and make them more technologically advanced. 

However, today an increasing number of companies, wishing to attract and retain their talents and reduce the costs of business processes, prefer temporary solutions. Instead of committing themselves to long-term contracts with landlords, they choose the least expensive path, as well as the most attractive one for their employees. 

Growth is observed among companies renting office spaces in US, in other countries of North America, as well as in the UK. If you want to consider this option, we will tell you more about it, as well as show you how to choose the perfect solution for your business. 

What does such a temporary solution mean? 

Externally and internally, such premises are no different from those businesses rented before. The point is that businesses deal with landlords differently legally. Such contracts have a short duration, and the conditions become more flexible. 

In many countries in North America, and also in Europe mainly, when companies wanted to take a certain space to carry out business operations, they were forced to agree that they would not give up the lease for at least 5 years. It was convenient for only some businesses and landlords. Businesses didn’t have to worry about looking for new space, and landlords slept well knowing they didn’t have to look for new tenants. 

When more and more options for premises that can be rented for a short period began to appear, this opened up more opportunities for small businesses. Previously, they could not always afford to pay for five years. Now they can enjoy the same amenities as other big players in the market while making payouts that won’t hit their budget. 

Positive points 

Much lower costs 

Not every business can allocate money from its budget for a one-time payment for renting a room for its employees several years in advance. Because of this, especially small and medium-sized businesses had to face difficulties, send their employees to remote locations, get into debt, or take out a loan. Now they can easily make monthly payments and even take breaks in renting office space. 


Previously, such options were extremely difficult to find. In addition, business owners did not have much diversity. Not all companies are made up of just 10 people or 150 people. Everyone has different needs and requirements, so every company wants to find the most suitable option. Now there is no difficulty in this. You can easily find an office where only 5 people will work or an office space that can accommodate dozens of employees. 

Flexibility to change 

All businesses develop differently. Some do it quickly, while others take years to reach a new level. However, businesses need to understand that, if necessary, they can either reduce the size of the desired premises or increase it.  

Perhaps within a year your business will start to flourish, and you will need more space for new employees, but your five-year contract will bind you hand and foot. With a temporary contract, you will not face such difficulties. 

Provision of the necessary facilities 

When you plan to find a place for a short period, you will not buy expensive equipment that you will transport from place to place. Temporary options are ideal in that they offer the provision of all necessary equipment, ranging from desktops to office equipment. Depending on your budget, you can choose offices with the right equipment for you. 

Convenient location 

Luckily, you can choose a location that is perfect for your company. To offer even more convenience to your employees, you can vote on the choice of premises and choose the most optimal location for everyone. It may seem like a small thing, but it also plays a big role in retaining talent. Most of your subordinates will not need to get to the office throughout the whole city. 

How to choose the perfect option? 

After considering all the benefits, you may decide that this option is ideal for your company. If you can’t make up your mind, then you should give it a try. You have nothing to lose because you can try to find a temporary office and rent it for only a month, after which you can make a final verdict. 

When you decide to give it a try, there are a few factors you need to take into account so that you are satisfied with everything. Here’s what you should consider: 

  • Your budget; 
  • Working method (hybrid or standard); 
  • The number of employees; 
  • Necessary equipment; 
  • Lease terms; 
  • Location within or outside the city. 

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Thinking about such points, you can clearly define what you need. After that, you can start looking at different options. To make sure that the option you choose is what you need, you should visit the office to check the listing posted on the web, and also talk to the landlord about the terms of the contract. 


Now it is not at all necessary to consider options for permanent office space, since temporary options are in great demand. This offers your business a myriad of benefits, from lower costs to having the necessary office equipment. 

Published by HOLR Magazine.