Making a product that solves a particular problem is one of the most intriguing endeavors you can undertake. The first step to making such a product is designing it.

Product design is an interesting field and is very much an art form. It is where creativity and vision meet to create a solution to a problem.

The creations not only need to be useful; they also need to be attractive. A product designer has to think of functionality and product sales simultaneously.

The following are some things you should know before designing your products:

Think of Users

One thing you should know before designing your products is that you are designing them for use by others. Therefore, you should always think of users during the product design.

You should put yourself in the shoes of an everyday person and think of how they may use the product. If you think about how you would use it, you will probably make it too technical.

By thinking of the users when designing the product, you are assured of designing a product that will resonate with many. Eventually, that will translate to financial success.


The product should be useful meaning it should solve a problem or make people’s lives better. Otherwise, the product will never be bought by anyone no matter how remarkable the design.

Ensure that every component of the design serves a particular purpose. The importance of thinking of the product’s users becomes apparent at this point.

The utility is the primary element when it comes to product design. Usefulness applies to both the product and its features.


When designing a product you should always think of how it will perform its function as that is paramount. It is often the case that product designers, especially artistic ones put too many features on products.

When it comes to product design, it is best to prioritize simplicity. Make a product that serves its function as simply as possible.

A device that works is much better than one with many features but does not work as well. You should remain focused on the function of the product when designing it.

Supplier is Paramount

When designing a product, you should know who is going to produce it. Choosing a supplier is paramount since they might not be able to make the product as you envision it.

Therefore, you should always think of manufacturing capabilities and limitations when designing a product. For example, you can find the right manufacturing partner in Vietnam and ask them about their manufacturing capacity. Once you find an adequate supplier, you can begin designing the product with the information in mind.

The cost of manufacturing the product will also be vital. The more features you add, the more expensive it will be to manufacture the product.

Value Proposition

Before you design a product, you should have a plan for its value proposition. Value proposition defines what the product is, what it is for, who it will help, and its desired users.

A great technique to use in this regard is to work backward. Begin with the vision of the product and then work backward to its design.

You will soon find the minimum requirements that need to be met for the design of the product. Getting feedback from others, especially potential users will be an important part of finding the product’s value proposition.

Aesthetics Still Matter

We have been impressed with the importance of functionality and practicality of the products. That should not mean that the product’s appearance does not matter at all.

Performance is not everything when it pertains to product design. Some people will not buy a fantastic product simply because of how it looks. Not judging by the cover is often preached yet barely practiced.

You should know that you will have to make the product design attractive if it is going to catch the attention of users. However, don’t be too ostentatious. Elegance is the key to great product aesthetic appeal.


Simplicity and elegance are incredible qualities to associate with a product. However, if you want your product to be attention absorbing and set you apart from the competition, you have to be innovative.

Don’t be afraid to exercise your imagination and creativity. Exercise some out of the box thinking and your product’s design might just shock you.

Most products are simply improvements of others. A creative design might just make your product revolutionary. 

There are a great many things to consider when designing a product. However, if you can know the above points before designing your product, you will have a solid base to design a great product. Remember that product design is an art form so be bold and try something different.