Living the California lifestyle is a dream that crosses many people’s mind at some point in their life. Being in the sunshine state, right by the ocean, within or near the international centre of entertainment, fame, and luxury, it seems amazing. As wonderful as California is, there are many unique lifestyle laws and policies in place. California has public transport systems going beyond a bus, but in such a large and heavy populated state, an on road system can only handle so much. In words of the people who live there, it’s crap. It does what it needs to do, but is utterly crap.

Before moving to California people get warned “You need to get a car”, or “You have to drive or Uber everywhere”. California has it’s own rules, regulations, and driver/car insurance policies that may be unfamiliar to people from other countries or states! Going into grave details about each of them would not only be a dreary read, but also requires a long, in depth understanding of the applicable variables. Depending on the person, place, and product, it varies for it’s own reasons. We are going to briefly touch up on some facts regarding California driving and insurance policies.

Oh, drivers insurance; the adult, and super responsible aspect of owning or driving a vehicle. Insurance is fantastic, but also a complete pain to those who have to deal with it. It’s important to touch upon the basic starting steps of insurance before digging into the depths. Some starting points for car insurance in California include:

  • The average cost of full coverage auto insurance in California is $79 per month or $951 annually.
  • The minimum requirements for California car insurance are 15/30/5 in liability coverage.
  • California’s full coverage auto insurance usually includes liability insurance, comprehensive insurance, and collision insurance.

As it is for every insurance policy, be sure to check in with a professional about the basics, averages, and costs. Each policy is tweaked in order to best cater to each individual based on the person, past, place, and product.

Now going to figure out car insurance policies often leads to discovering the housing rules and regulations of the sunshine state. Renting a place in California is one thing, buying a house is a completely different entity.

The California home owners insurance policy touches up on varies widely. This, like the car insurance depends on the person, place, and product, but unlike the car insurance policies, it is significantly more dependant on the company handling the policies. The best option is to know all the options out there, give them a fair and respectful understanding of what is being offered, and why.

Moving to California could be a dream, why not? Be sure to understand and look into the big term, adult life things such as car and home owners insurance policies in the state if you feel it’s where you want to end up.