Lululemon is launching the Mirror, a highly anticipated workout tool that looks as sleek as you could expect from one of the best athleisure brands in the world. 


The Mirror is going to be available throughout select stores in Canada on November 22nd, and with a limited time offer just in time for Black Friday. 

Lululemon is Canadian-based and founded in Vancouver by Chip Wilson in 1998. Wilson created Lululemon as an athletic brand that focused on Yoga, the love of sweat and much more. During the day the first store was a design studio, and at night it became a yoga studio. Lululemon was not just created as a store that brought you apparel that you could sweat in, but a place and a community of people like you, that could feel like a space where you can discuss life, and all of its aspects just like mindfulness, wellness and much more. Since 1998, Lululemon has become a global brand, creating attire for your workouts to your everyday clothes, bringing the term athleisure to life. Now, Lululemon has not only expanded into creating clothes for men and women but is the official sponsor for the Canadian Olympic team. 

As the brand is known to know every aspect of athletics and their garments, it is only fitting that they launch their own workout machinery that is just as stylish as their clothes. The Mirror is sleek and fitting for every lover of Lululemon. The Mirror can provide you with 50 different classes including yoga, pilates, dance, cardio, strength, stretch and much more. The classes you choose can be tailored to you and your workout type, including how long of a workout you want, anywhere between 5 and 60 minutes, the intensity of the workout between absolute beginner to expert and tailored to you and your range of equipment. 


The Mirror has advanced technology that can make your workout experience both personalized, challenging and safe. Some major features include a camera, which you can turn on the community camera function which gives you access to a live workout function, giving you access to feedback and motivation from other members. Another function included in the heart rate intensity, this syncs with Bluetooth and can be connected to Apple Watches and other fitness watches, which allows you to connect to the Mirror and make sure that you are working out at the proper intensity and helps you reach a certain target. 

The mirror is a totally different workout platform where they are also introducing Mirror Weights. The newest invention has dumbbells and ankle weights which work on the advanced senor network. This network will provide you will an intelligent and personal workout experience based on your level. These weights are connected to real-time rep tracking and form corrections, which also allows for them to recommend weight advancement. This network and the weights are not only an add-on that benefits your workout experience but can help you track, advance and follow your goals and make them more achievable. 

The mirror will be available in select stores and online in Canada on November 22nd. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine

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