E-bikes are quickly becoming a preferred method of transportation. In recent years the sales of e-bikes have risen exponentially. As commuting needs have changed over the years especially during the pandemic many people are opting for this fast and fun option. This is not to say that more traditional bikes will be left in the dust. On the contrary, they have also seen an increase in popularity. People are looking for more affordable, health-conscious, and eco-friendly methods to get around. There are a lot of good reasons why they have seen so much growth. More than anything they make life easier and there is an increasing element of fun.

Reasons Why They Make Life Easier and More Fun

They Go Faster Than Traditional Models
You won’t go as fast as a motorcycle or car but you will definitely be able to shave time off of your commute. The faster you pedal the bigger the boost. The speed is controlled by you. You can also adjust the settings to get more of a boost if you’re going uphill or going through ruff terrain. The battery allows you to get up to 28mph of acceleration. While you won’t be able to speed down the road at breakneck speed you can get more power for your efforts. Whereas with traditional bikes it takes a bit more to build up the speed. There are always advancements being made so in time you could be able to go a bit faster.

They Can Replace Driving
People are buying e-bikes for different reasons but one of those is to reduce the number of car trips they’re making on average. Most car trips average at around 5-6 miles. That’s an easy trek to make on an e-bike. Eliminating things like fighting traffic, parking, and cost for fuel. For some, it’s also a way to reduce their carbon footprint. With so many different models it is easy to find a bike that fits your particular circumstance making them just as convenient as cars. There are cargo, commuter, cruiser, folding fat tire electric bikes, etc ready for all uses.

They Make Peddling Easier
E-bikes are assist bikes in that they come with a motor that helps to make peddling easier. This is perfect for rough terrain, going uphill, or getting a bit more speed. This feature means that you won’t show up to your destination sweaty from powering your bike. Some models come with a throttle which makes the e-bike go even faster. These types aren’t exactly in the pedal-assist range. It should be noted that throttle types aren’t allowed in all areas and that’s due to their potential speed. Overall though having the push to your speed through the activation of the moto from your peddling is a good bonus.

They Can Save You Money Long Term
While the bikes themselves are on the pricey side, they more than make up for their cost when you consider the cost of maintaining a car and purchasing fuel. By reducing the number of car trips over time, you will see a big change in the amount of money you spend on your daily commute. This is probably one of the biggest points for e-bikes.

They Provide Exercise
I’m sure when you think of an “electric bike”, you might think that you won’t get any exercise out of the experience. That couldn’t be further from the truth. You’re still able to pedal and actively engage your legs. With the assistance of the battery-powered motor, you’d be able to go longer distances. This is something that will encourage you to use your bike more. You won’t miss out on any physical activity with these. This is especially true for people with sedentary lives. 

They Get You Mobile More Often
They will get you out and going more often. The fun aspect alone is enough to make you want to use it more. You also have the added bonus of being able to hop on and go to places that you might have a second thought about when you consider the hassle of getting there. The convenience of it will see you being outdoors and mobile more often. 

The “e-scene” is becoming a much-talked-about market whether from a personal or business standpoint. There is no doubt that riding one will have you smiling. The ease of use and surprising zippiness really gives you that childhood feeling. Of course, you should note that they are faster than traditional bikes so you want to be careful when taking off especially in high traffic and congested areas. You should also practice using it before you hit the road. It’s best to get yourself accustomed to how it handles. Have fun riding around on your zoomy little friend.