For over a year Canadian content creator Sasha Exeter has been working with Tetley to create a limited-edition custom tea blend titled ‘Be Still’ a herbal tea to bring you moments of calm. The tea is available now as a limited-time exclusive on and TetleyTea. 

Tetley has been the maker of one of Canada’s favourites teas since 1887, which is over 350 years of tea drinking. Since the Tetley brothers went into business in Yorkshire, England all those years ago, the brand has notably adapted to the times and is now a socially responsible and sustainable company with an initiative to be ethically responsible for their tea and their tea farmers. 

Sasha Exeter is a Canadian content creator and has been a long-standing fan of Tetley ever since her first cup of tea. Now, Sasha and Tetley have joined forces to bring the ‘Be Still’ tea to life after three years. 

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Tetley and Sashas partnered up and worked together to brainstorm a tea that Sasha loved but that her followers would too. The ‘Be Still’ blend is the perfect combination that captures Sashas love for tea and the brand. This herbal tea is warming and is the perfect cup for these next few months of the Canadian winter. 

Working with Tetley master blenders in the UK to develop the custom blend, Sasha finally felt the comfort in the soothing herbal tea blend. The ‘Be Still’ blend is a combination of spicy ginger with hints of sweet mellow honey. These two combinations are the perfect comfort blend for Sasha that brings the nostalgic taste and feeling of drinking Tetley. 

The titled ‘Be Still’ blend is the perfect herbal tea to add to your daily tea ritual as it is a reminder to all Canadians to take time this winter and holiday to relax, unwind and embrace your moments with yourself and your loved ones. 

Launching this November the ‘Be Still’ herbal blend is an exclusive limited-edition release and is only available on Amazon. This holiday and winter season get a box of 40 sachets for $6.99. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine

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