Who is Wheelchair Rapunzel and why is this creator trending on Reddit? HOLR breaks it down.

Who is Wheelchair Rapunzel?

Wheelchair Rapunzel TikTok

Wheelchair Rapunzel, AKA Alex Dacy, is a disabled creator from Chicago. As mentioned in her TikTok bio, she stands for body confidence and currently boasts over 1.2 Million followers on the platform.

Was Dacy born disabled? According to this article, the creator was born with type 2 Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA).

Wheelchair Rapunzel Boyfriend

As seen in this recent Instagram photo, Dacy can be seen with someone named Noah.

Wheelchair Rapunzel Baby

According to this article, Dacy has been documenting her pregnancy and birth story on social media, which has been met with body-shaming comments and online bullying from users on Reddit. As a result, the creator “attempted to get the Reddit ‘snark page’ removed.”

Check out the full post below, posted to Dacy’s Instagram page earlier this year.


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Dacy recently gave birth to Ari Jacqueline Smith, approximately 6 weeks ago.


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Wheelchair Rapunzel Reddit

Dacy was in hot water recently when this Reddit thread emerged allegedly exposing the creator.  Reddit users have also taken to the platform to discuss the creator in this thread.

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