Article provided by Contiki


White sandy beaches, pristine islands, sunshine and all the gyros you could want; Greece is many
travellers’ soul mate. In fact, this was chosen by travellers as the #1 spot to go next year! While spots
like Mykonos and Ios remain popular, smaller islands like Paros are on the rise, and mainland
destinations dripping in ancient history like Olympia and Delphi are quickly becoming must-sees.


La dolce vita is calling, and Canadian travellers are ready! The food, the culture, the history and the
way Italians prioritize having a rich and full life is enough to capture any soul. Venice, Rome and
Florence remain hot, but exploring off-the-beaten-paths in Tuscany, the Chianti region and Sorrento
is what 2020 is all about. Also, did you know Contiki has a Special Stay in an Italian villa that now
doubles as an artist’s retreat? OMW, Italy! (Ciao?)

New Zealand

From the tip of the North Island to the bottom of the South Island, the land of the Long White Cloud
is a magical escape for any adventurous soul. For a small country, there’s an endless number of
things to do in New Zealand, which is probably why it’s one of the most ‘repeat-travelled’
destinations! With new flight routes added, NZ is more accessible than ever, and with something for
everyone, it’s no surprise interest in this destination is on the rise!


Siestas, sangria and splendid cities are just a handful of reasons travellers flock to one of the hottest
destinations every year (but especially for 2020). Tourists are looking to explore beyond the usual
spots of Madrid and Barcelona and tap into places of cultural significance like Granada, or lesser
travelled areas in Spain like Toledo and Segovia. Unlike smaller European countries, where you may
visit several destinations on one trip, there’s a real trend towards it being a vacation in and of itself.
After all, it’s a HUGE country and there’s so much to do and see. Contiki should know; it just added
an IRL Spanish castle as a Special Stay for 2020!


Croatia is another destination that remains popular, but travellers are changing what they want to
see and where they go. Once they’ve sailed the Croatian islands, people are turning inland and
exploring its many national parks like Krka National Park and Plitvice Lakes National Park. The
breathtaking beauty of Croatia’s mainland is finally getting the attention it deserves in 2020,
especially Dubrovnik (aka King’s Landing for all the #GOT fans).


London is no longer the only stop in England! There’s a growing interest amongst Canadian travellers
to do an extra week in England before heading off to check out the rest of Europe. More people are
exploring the green hills in the countryside and tackling hikes in the Lake District. There’s also an up-
and-coming foodie scene too – England isn’t just about fish and chips anymore, with many seeking out the craft beer breweries, street food halls and Michelin star restaurants. Plus, Harry Potter.
Everyone wants to see Harry Potter sites in England, and we can’t blame them TBH.


Japan has been making the hot list for a couple years now, and get used to it because it’s not going
anywhere! Between hosting the Rugby World Cup this year and the Olympics next year, Japan is
simply EXPLODING on the global travel scene. Between Tokyo’s quirky themed restaurants, the hot
springs in Takayama, snow fields of Hakone and temples of Mount Koya, there is so much to do and
see in Japan and there’s something for everyone.

USA (Pacific Northwest)

Unlike the East Coast and West Coast of America, the Pacific Northwest has flown under the radar on
the travel scene until recently, when every cool picture on Instagram seemed to be tagged in
Portland or Seattle. You’ve obviously all taken notice (and so have we) of the urban vibes, unique
foodie experiences and quirky things to do in the top left corner of our neighbour to the south. The
Pacific Northwest is a real smorgasbord of cultures, food, art and scenery. Get there ASAP before
everyone else realizes how amazing it is!


Africa is really having a moment! Last year South Africa topped bucket lists globally, and for 2020 travellers are branching out to other exotic Southern Africa destinations like Namibia. With
breathtaking landscapes (wait until you see the insane sand dunes!), traditional communities, safaris
and beautiful coasts, Namibia is the best of Africa in one spot.

Costa Rica

Mexico had its moment in 2018 and 2019, and now Costa Rica is making a comeback. This Central
American destination is more modern than its neighbours, but still retains the lively Latin flavour.
With great beaches and mountains (read: volcanoes), it’s a popular surfing and wellness destination
for travellers who want to kick back and relax one day and do something adventurous the next.