Who Did Alex Murdaugh Have An Affair With?

Following a 6-week trial, Alex Murdaugh was found guilty of murdering his son Paul and Wife Margaret yesterday evening. One of the points brought up during this trial with many twists and turns was that Alex Murdaugh cheated on his wife Maggie more than once during their marriage. So who did Alex Murdaugh have an affair with?

During Maggie’s sister Marian Procters testimony she alleged that Murdaugh had an affair 15 years ago and that they worked through it. Marian said that her sister made Alex leave their house years ago when she first got wind of the affair. She did also add, ““She did not think anyone was still going on, it just bothered her.”

Since her testimony, a 2022 interview resurfaced with see worker Lindsey Edwards who claimed that she slept with Alex and that he was abusive during their time together. In the interview, she alleged that Murdaugh would choke her until she almost blacked out during their time together.

What Was the Motive for Alex Murdaugh

One of the possible motives for Alex Murdaugh was the insurance payout of $10 million, that Alex Murdaugh would likely be the beneficiary of. Between his stealing up to $2.8 million from clients at his family’s law firm and his opioid addiction, Alex was known to have financial troubles.

There was another theory on Reddit that was never substantiated that wife Margaret Murdaugh was also having an affair with the gamekeeper. However, it is important to note that none of this was ever proven.

Alex Murdaugh was sentenced today to life in prison without parole and received two life sentences. The prosecution did not pursue the death penalty.