Why is Dana Elmore trending? HOLR breaks down the latest involving the Alabama cop.

Dana Elmore Alabama 

Officer Dana Elmore is getting backlash after video evidence showed that she repeatedly used a stun gun on a man while he was handcuffed and face down, crying.

Dana Elmore Alabama Cop

As noted in this article, this all started when Micah Washington, 24, was changing a flat tire with some others. Supposedly, Elmore- a cop- stopped to ask him what was going on. She also asked for ID. When Washington used his phone to start recording Elmore, she used a stun gun on him in which he fell to the ground and was subsequently handcuffed.

As he stands up and leans on the front of the car, Elmore continues to hold the stun gun to his back as she rifles through his pockets and belongings.  “I ain’t doing shit, bro. I got a gun right there,” says Washington. Elmore can be seen smiling and laughing as she takes the gun and then uses the stun gun directly into his back. Washington can be heard screaming as she tells him to “shut the (expletive) up,” as noted here.

Washington then starts crying as the officer threatens to use the stun gun again. The video stops just as Elmore is stating, “Shut your bitch ass up.”

Dana Elmore Police Brutality

The following video posted on TikTok by user @justfortheday showcases the ordeal that happened on December 2 which was allegedly caught on camera by one of Washington’s family members who watched it take place.

Who Is Dana Elmore Alabama Cop Video

ImageCredit: TikTok

Commenters took to the comment section of the above video to discuss the distressing events of the video.

Who Is Dana Elmore Alabama Cop Video Who Is Dana Elmore Alabama Cop Video Who Is Dana Elmore Alabama Cop Video

Image Credits: TikTok

This article claims that a felony fentanyl trafficking charge against Washington has been dismissed. He allegedly still faces 3 additional charges but is out of jail on bond.

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