How did Alex Cooper create the unwell network?

Alex Cooper is looking to build a media empire catered to Gen Z according to online sources. In this case, it is a talent network for young creators that helps support their projects.

According to PEOPLE magazine, the new network is a home for content about pop culture, lifestyle, fashion and beauty.

Cooper explained that “Every day I interact with countless young people who push the boundaries behind the stereotypes and misconceptions we often hear about Gen Z.”

Also, she added, “Gen Z is the revolutionary voice of a new generation.”

“Their voices and opinions should be supported with content designed for them in ways that are unique to their values, interests and passions.”

alex cooper unwell network

Credit Image: The Unwell Network

What is the Unwell Network?

Firstly, Alex told Deadline that she wanted to create a platform for content that had a unique perspective.

“We live in a world where we are inundated with content, but The Unwell Network will be the source everyone can go to for unique perspectives exploring what’s top of mind today for this generation.”

Secondly, Gen Z is aiming to embrace the social challenges facing them through the ‘unwell network’.

Not only that, but Cooper also said, they will be able to address personal insecurities through honest conversation.”

It seems likely that this promising venture will endear listeners given that Gen Z report higher rates of depression and a number of other mental health conditions than others.

So, having a safe place to express themselves is important overall.

Alex Cooper signs Alix Earle to the Unwell Network.

alex cooper signs tiktok user alix earle


Alex Cooper signed social media influencer Alix Earle, 22 as one of the first partners of the Unwell Network.

Earle first rose to prominence with her viral “get ready with me” fashion and beauty videos on TikTok. Additionally, Earle has over 7 million followers on social media, so been in a prime position to make ‘Unwell’ successful.

Evidently, in her posts, she’s covered topics including mental health which has seen a rise among members of Gen Z. This suggests that choosing her was a wise decision as a whole don’t you think?

Earle announced her involvement with Unwell via her Instagram. “The world is not ready!!!” she said in her post.

Cooper also signed another influencer – Madeline Argy.

alex cooper signs madeline argy to unwell

Credit Image: Madeline Argy Instagram

Now, signing Argy was perfect for Unwell’s goal of ‘honest conversation.’ The 23-year-old shares long-form content on YouTube with her “brutally honest life stories and conversational anecdotes.”

“I am @unwell,” Argy captioned to announce her signing.

Argy’s topics include sexuality, relationships, self-respect, friendships and mental health. All of these topics would appeal to all generations which is perfect for Cooper’s goals with the Unwell Network.

Cooper reinforced this by saying, “I’m so excited to announce the first of many creators in the Unwell Network’s family.”

Lastly, she added “Alix Earle and Madeline Argy both have a unique presence that captivates an audience, but I love how they approach content in very different ways… I feel honoured to be at a place in my career where I can pass along knowledge and advice for a new generation of creators to flourish.”

The Unwell Network is a new subsidiary of the Gen Z media company that Cooper established with her fiancé Matt Kaplan.

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