Does Justin Timberlake have a secret daughter?

Justin Timberlake Daughter

Iris Timberlake

Accoridng to this TikTok video posted by user @riristea, a 22-year-old woman named Iris Timberlake is reportedly claiming that she is Justin Timberlake’s secret daughter.


22 Year Old Woman Claims To Be Justin Timberlake’s Secret Daughter #justintimberlake #riristea #rivetsoro

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Justin Timberlake Daughter Iris

As the TikToker explains, this would’ve meant that Justin would’ve had her when he was around 21 years old. Justin was seemingly linked to multiple women when he was 21 years old, including Britney Spears, Alicia Keys, and Tonya Mitchell.

Justin Timberlake Daughter Iris Mom

The woman who claims to be Justin’s daughter allegedly claims that her mother was a gold digger and would supposedly accept money from Justin to keep her a secret. Iris also seemingly shared text messages from her mom and reportedly has a lot of “dark accusations” against Justin, as the TikToker notes. The woman has taken to social media to share multiple posts about these alleged accusations. However, now her previous Instagram page seems to have been removed.

It is also alleged that Justin would do “inappropriate things” with Iris, as she allegedly claims, although there is no evidence to support these allegations. Supposed allegations that Justin also cheated on Jessica Biel- his wife- were reportedly revealed by Iris (again, no evidence to back up claims). The woman also allegedly shared an image of her birth certificate which reportedly has Justin’s name on it.

Apparently, Justin was heavily focused on his career to “be a good dad” to this woman who is allegedly his daughter. Apparently, this woman claims that Justin has a gag order on media outlets so she is not to be mentioned.

Justin has not come forward to address these claims.

Again- this is all alleged but what are your thoughts on this shocking situation?

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