A YouTuber named Lizwani allegedly crashed the BAFTAs after being seen on stage. HOLR breaks it down.

Lizwani BAFTAs

According to this TikTok video posted by user @popculturebrain, an “alarming” thing allegedly happened at the BAFTAs on stage recently. No one else reportedly realized what was going on, as well.

BAFTAs 2024 Winners

As the TikToker claims, the BAFTAs are like the British Oscars, and Oppenheimer won Best Film.  As Christopher Nolan and the producers were on stage accepting the award, they were also seemingly joined by another man.

The man standing next to them was reportedly not related to the movie AT ALL. It was eventually discovered that this man is a YouTuber named Lizwani who is reportedly known for crashing and sneaking into events. Although Lizwani didn’t do anything while he was on stage- he just stood there- the BAFTAs then put out a statement claiming that Lizwani was removed by security.

As the TikToker claims, the BAFTAs are also taking this security breach very seriously. Even though Lizwani did not hurt or harm anyone on stage, it is alarming to note that anyone else with different intentions could’ve made it up on stage, as well.

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IMAGE CREDITS: @popculturebrain TikTok