Is the next Bachelorette Candian? HOLR breaks down what one TikToker claims is an alleged slip-up in the show’s trailer. 

According to this TikTok video posted by user @ciarasalloum, the TikToker caught something in one of The Bachelor’s trailers that could be alluding to who the next Bachelorette is.

According to the video, the TikToker claims that there was a recent promo that supposedly said something along the lines of, “Ready for your slapshot at love?”  The TikToker claims that the phrase “slapshot” is reportedly a hockey term and hockey is often very much “viewed” as a Canadian sport. The TikToker also notes that they would love to see one of the two Canadians currently on the show- Maria or Lexi- as the next Bachelorette.

People in the comment section of the above video were also seemingly in agreement with this speculation. However, this is all alleged as this season of The Bachelor is not over yet and the new Bachelorette has not yet been announced. As a result, it is still unclear if the next Bachelorette will be Canadian as the newest season isn’t over yet.

What do you think- could the next Bachelorette be a Canadian?

Published by HOLR Magazine.

Image Credit: @ciarasalloum TikTok