Switzerland’s Nemo won the 68th installment of the contest with their song “The Code.” Keep reading to find out more!

Eurovision 2024 winner Switzerland

The results are in, and Eurovision 2024’s winner is Swiss singer Nemo. Winning 591 points, Nemo said on Instagram that they were “so grateful” for winning the contest.

“Thanks for listening to my story,”

Eurovision 2024 winner Switzerland

Nemo ended the post by telling viewers not to “forget to be kind to each other,” and that “[l]ove will always win in the end,”

Nemo is the first non-binary performer to win the songwriting contest.

Nemo Eurovision 2024 The Code

Switzerland went into the Grand Final of Eurovision with 132 points, securing fourth place in the Second Semi-Final. Eden Golan, Israel’s representative in the contest won that round with 194 points. Croatia won the First Semi-Final with 177 points.

Nemo’s entry song, “The Code” is about the performer’s journey in embracing their gender identity.

For the Grand Final, Nemo performed on a mostly empty stage with strobe lighting surrounding them. A wide spinning top was in the stage’s center, allowing the 24-year-old rapper and singer to climb atop and move it like a seesaw, and to spin it around. At the end of the performance, a solar eclipse was displayed directly behind Nemo.

Hurricane Eurovision 2024 Israel Ukraine

Other countries that scored high include Croatia, which took second place with Baby Lasagna’s song “Rim Tim Tagi Dim.” Ukraine’s entry, alyona alyona and Jerry Heil placed third with their song “Teresa & Maria.” Israel, whose inclusion in the contest led to much controversy, placed fourth with their entry, Eden Golan, singing “Hurricane” about the 7 October attacks by Hamas.

Hurricane Eurovision 2024 Israel Ukraine

What is Eurovision?

An annual international songwriting contest, Eurovision is organized by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). The contest features participating acts selected by member countries’ own broadcasters to compete against each other in three live rounds: the First Semi-Final, the Second Semi-Final, and the Grand Final.

Voting consists of a five-member panel of music industry professionals from each country and each country’s viewers. Voters are not allowed to vote for acts from their own country. The song and act with the most points at the end wins.

The songs must be original and performed live for no longer than three minutes. Songs can’t feature more than six people on stage during any one performance.

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