Big news! The Canadian government has chosen a spectacular way to celebrate Canada’s 150 anniversary. All national parks in Canada will be free entry during all of 2017. That may put a shift in our travel plans, but a savvy one at that. Now that you’re scrambling on deciding where to get the most bang for your well spent buck, we’ve got Banff as number one on our list, here’s why:

Dog Sledding


Let’s be honest, after watching Ice Dogs we all wanted to run away to Anatartica and be carried along by beautiful huskies- whisking past beautiful bare trees in the winter sun. Dreams do come true, thanks to Banff offering dog sledding to their visitors!


Skiing on the Rockies


One of the most beautiful settings for skiing is the tall rockies in Banff. They are home to 3 of the worlds best skiing locations, Mt Norquay, the Lake Louise Ski Resort, and Sunshine Village. They are well-known across the world and have been publicly ranked by skiers and snowboarders as one of the world’s best locations to hit the slops.

Hot Springs


One of the main reasons Iceland has grown exponentially in tourism is their beautiful hot springs. Banff offers the same type of relaxation with springs that are geothermally heated with water that bubbles up to the surface from three kilometres into the Earth’s crust.


Private Cottages


No matter who you’re travelling with or what kind of experience you’re looking for, Banff and Lake Louise have a diverse range of staying arrangements that are as beautiful as they are accommodating. Stay in a villa with a view, a bed and breakfast, and many other satisfying ways to stay in Banff.


Visit Banff & Lake Louise to start planning your next visit!


Written by: Julia Shelton