Whether you’re already a musical instrument lover or a total beginner, the ukulele is the instrument we are here to recommend to you today. There’s so much to love about a Uke. They are simple, fun, loveable, and totally unpretentious. Anyone can learn the ukulele – and should! After all, everyone could do with a little more stress-relieving musical fun in their lives. We’ve gathered intel from Uke players all over the country to bring you these top 5 reasons why the Ukulele is a fun instrument to play. Read on to find out what they said.

It’s Easy To Learn

The first point which is hugely in favor of the ukulele is just how easy they are to pick up and learn. Whether you have musical bones or not, the ukulele is simply not a massive challenge. You should be able to pick it up and play with only a little rhythm and hand-eye coordination. If even that sounds scary, we still say you should give it a go, it’s the perfect beginner instrument. In fact, it’s probably the world’s friendliest instrument for beginners of all ages, meaning that your whole family can take up learning the Uke at the same time!

They’re Easy To Carry

This might not sound exactly like a reason to love a ukulele, but hear us out. The fact that the ukes are so small and easy to carry is what leads to endless hours of fun. If you don’t believe us, check out what Mike from www.acousticbridge.com had to say: “I have taken my Ukulele on every holiday, camping trip, an away day in the last 20 years, and never once have I been let down. There’s always a song to be sung and a friend to sing it with when you’re carrying your Uke!” Mike, we could not agree more. The ukulele’s portability means you can take it on every trip you go on, they’re even allowed as hand luggage on flights. What a perfect way to take your love of music with you wherever you go.

How Much?!

Another huge reason to love the Ukulele is the price. All that fun for as little as $20? Sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t. Even the most basic and cheap ukulele is good enough for a beginner, and more expensive models are hardly going to break the bank. They really are budget fun for all the family. You could start your own family ukulele-based band for less than a hundred bucks! If you do happen to want to splash out, you can get a more ‘pro’ model with electric capabilities for somewhere in the region of $125. Still, that’s half the price of your best entry-level electric guitar. Strings and spares are cheap, too. Overall, you can’t go wrong purchasing a beginner’s uke. We guarantee you’ll get your twenty dollars-worth out of it, at least.


Simple Chords Mean Easy Adaptations

As we have mentioned, the ukulele is quite a simple instrument to play. The way it is tuned means a lot of chords have very simple fret structures, meaning they are easy to learn and play. Some chords only require the use of one finger! Because of this, it becomes very easy to adapt modern pop songs, classic rock songs, or whatever you like to be played on the ukulele, which brings us back to the campfire. Once you’ve learned those key chords, you’ll be able to play whatever song your friends are yelling out for when you’re all sat around the campfire on Saturday night. Sounds like bliss.

They’re Good Springboards

Finally, all this fun and learning could actually help you, too. Learning the simple chord structures on a 4-string ukulele will help you learn the building blocks of bass, guitar, or other stringed instruments, as well as learning some basic music theory. You may find that your music skills simply begin with the ukulele and are ready to branch out into acoustic guitar, violin, or cello. Whether that’s the case or not, the basics will always stay with you, and the ukulele will likely always be your first love. Though, if it can help you become a multi-instrumentalist, we don’t see that as a bad thing!


If you’ve read all this and aren’t already pulling your shoes on to head down to your local music store, we’ll be shocked! The ukulele is more fun than you could imagine just by looking at it, but hopefully, we have shown you just how great it can be. We hope you pick one up real soon and fall in love with it.