What happened to Denise Huskins?

Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn

Huskins and Quinn endured a kidnapping back in 2o15 that no one believed. Now, alleged new details are emerging about this harrowing ordeal they went through as the story is expected to hit Netflix soon.

Denise Huskins Husband

According to this TikTok video posted by user @crime_cast, the kidnapping was referred to as the Gone Girl case and explains what happened in detail, as outlined below.

Image Credit: @crime_cast TikTok

Denise’s boyfriend at the time- Aaron- alleged that she was taken by scuba divers in the middle of the night, but he was also accused of her murder. Supposedly, at 3 am one morning, the couple was awoken by flashing lights and red laser dots darting across the wall. They allegedly heard voices say, “Wake up this is a robbery.”

A man wearing a full-body wet suit seemingly threatened the couple with an alleged gun, where Denise was forced to tie her boyfriend up with zip ties and then he had “blacked out swim goggles” placed over his eyes, and headphones over his ears.

The message in the earphones supposedly addressed Aaron by name and warned him that this was a professional group that was there to collect financial debts. They would reportedly drug him and abduct his ex-fiancée with cameras and parameters set up around the house to restrict him from contacting police. Allegedly, the message did not name Denise- only his ex-fiancée.

At some point during this ordeal, the intruder asked Aaron if Denise looked like his ex-fiancée in which he admitted they both had long blonde hair and that his fiancée had moved out just a few months prior. His ex was allegedly the target that night but the intruders took Denise instead.

Aaron allegedly had his vitals taken before being drugged and was left tied up on the living room couch with an alleged fresh change of clothes and scissors to cut himself free. When he woke up the next morning, he found that Denise and her car were missing. He also had emails asking for $15,000. There were also cameras and parameters set up around the house so he allegedly didn’t contact authorities until 2 pm.

Denise Huskins Kidnapped

When police got there, they heard Aaron’s story and asked him if he was on drugs to which he admitted he was- because of the intruders. The wild story caused people to believe that Aaron actually did this.

Over the next two days after this happened, letters were sent to local news outlets claiming Denise would be returned home soon. Denise was reportedly dropped off hours away at her parents’ house in Huntington Beach. Upon her return, she confirmed everything that Aaron claimed and explained that she had been held captive in a quiet house for the past 2 days.

To the police, this didn’t make any sense in which they publicly stated that this was all a hoax and that it was the couple who owed the community an apology. From here, Denise’s abductor allegedly wrote more letters to the press, showing proof of the kidnapping and demanding the police apologize for not believing her.

Two months later, a man named Matthew Muller allegedly left his phone at the scene of another home invasion. When police executed a search warrant at Muller’s house, they found evidence relating to the kidnapping and Quinn’s case. He also confessed and blamed his mental illness for everything. To this day, it is unclear why he targeted them or if he had accomplices.

He was sentenced to 40 years for his crimes.

Quinn ended up proposing and they ended up getting married. They also have two daughters. They were also awarded $2.5 million and received somewhat of an apology from the police.

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