As the world of vaping grows so do the options available to consumers. Each day new methods, products, and techniques appear in regards to vaping, and even as a dedicated consumer it can be hard to keep track of every single one. That’s where Sub-Ohm vaping comes in, as one of the new and stronger trends in the current landscape of vaping.

Today we’ll take a look at Sub-Ohm vaping and why people are switching to this method. Explaining from the basics what makes Sub-Ohm unique from the alternatives, why people are making the switch, and how to do so. At its core, Sub-Ohm vaping is just a new way to enjoy the same experience, but the small differences will likely be enough to turn you over. So stay with us as we cover all we can on this topic to make sure you make an informed choice.

What is Sub-Ohm vaping?

To explain Sub-Ohm vaping we need to go over how vaping works in the first place, but in short you need to know that Sub-Ohm vaping is defined by the difference in the healing process.

When we vape we heat a resistance, which is the one that interacts with the E-Liquid and makes it evaporate, hence generating vapor. This is the basic mechanic principle of vaping. These resistances are measured in Ohms, and the higher the number the longer it’ll take for the resistances to heat up and start evaporating your E-Liquid.

On the other hand, if we lower the resistance of our vaporizer and decrease the Ohms, the vaporizer will heat up faster and change the properties of the resulting vapor. This is what we call Sub-Ohm vaping and at its core, it uses the same tools and ingredients, it just mixes up the way we approach it.

The main thing to understand is that Sub-Ohm vaping requires either a modification of your existing vaporizer or getting a new one. The key difference lies completely in the different way the device heats up, so a vaporizer can only be Sub-Ohm or regular, there’s no multitasking at hand. However despite these inconveniences, countless users are making the switches, and that’s due to all the additional perks that it provides.

The reasons why people are switching to Sub-Ohm vaping

By now we understand what makes Sub-Ohm vaping different on paper, but how deeply can it affect our vaping experience? It changes everything actually, and it all comes down to the way the e-liquid is heated up.

Since the atomizer coil now heats up faster more vapor will be produced and much faster. This leads to a thicker flavor overall, lower waiting time, and a much stronger hit. In short, the entire experience changes because the amount of vapor you are interacting with is completely different, and this will redefine both how you vape and how the experience feels for you.

Of course while just switching to Sub-Ohm vaping will make sure you get a completely renewed experience, if you want to experience Sub-ohm vaping at its best you’ll need the right E-Liquid. Sub-Ohm is all about large quantities of liquid getting vaporized for a warmer and tastier experience, but if you are using traditional juice this might result in more nicotine per session than you’d like, or your juice running out faster than you’d like. With that in mind, there’s a selection of sub ohm liquid that considers the evaporation speed and reduces the nicotine quantity just for Sub-Ohm vaping.

With the right Sub Ohm liquid at your hand, you’ll be able to enjoy the warmer vapor and intense flavor while keeping the nicotine consumption at a regulated level. On top of that since this liquid is completely meant for Sub-Ohm vaporizers they tend to last more, which means you’ll be able to enjoy the experience without worrying about your vapor running out and cutting you short.

A flavor selection that grows by the day

Since the core of the Sub-Ohm experience lies in the thick flavors it should come as no surprise that the Sub Ohm liquid market is currently packed with some of the largest variety when it comes to unique flavors. If you are making the switch to Sub-Ohm it’s because you enjoy the unique experience of flavor only vapor can provide, and rest assured there’s no shortage of options once you go Sub-Ohm.

Fruit flavors are a tried and true classic and you can find all of them in the Sub-Ohm category. From traditional flavors like apple and raspberry to much bolder combinations. Have you ever had Guava, Papaya, or Peach vapors? Well, have you ever had all of them together in a single product? These sweet fruits will only taste stronger as a result of the Sub-Ohm heating process and this means that both old flavors and their new combinations will feel completely different for you.

And of course, there’s much more to offer when it comes to Sub Ohm liquids than just sweet fruits. Combinations like Coconut and Milk, Citrus and Peppermint, and Coconut and Custard ensure there’s always something new to try out. Like we said Sub-Ohm vaping is the preferred pick for flavor lovers and this means that when it comes to great combinations and unique ideas you will never run out of options.

How to make the switch?

The most important step in making the change to Sub-Ohm vaping is to adapt your vaporizer of choice. While very often this will involve some level of DIY we strongly recommend that you play it safe. Some vaporizers are truly designed to be disassembled and modified, as well as mod kits that will allow you to make the transition with no hassle.

If you want an authentic and safe experience go with quality products and don’t try to make the change with spare parts. The Sub-Ohm community is growing bigger by the day and there’s no shortage of recommended vaporizers or conversion kits. So read up a bit, and find what’s in your price range. Once you have your vaporizer ready all you need to do is discover new flavors and enjoy a brand new way to vape.

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