Let’s look at this list with different life hacks to simplify and minimize your life more easily.

When your life is too busy, you will have less time to organize and arrange the chores at home, work, or other matters in your daily life. Therefore, life hacks were created to help you save time, money, and effort and especially bring high application efficiency in your life. Here is a list of essential life hacks you need to know.

Remove gum from hair with ice

Ice will harden the gum and make it easier to crumble into small pieces. So take an ice cube and rub it on the gum-stained hair. You will need about 10-15 minutes to harden this layer of candy, then remove each crumb from your hair. 

Remove the decal paper from the wall with water

Using water to wet and using a paper scraper is a way to help you quickly remove the old paper from the surface of the wall. For best results, you should use warm water and a paint roller or water spray cans to wet the surface of the outer layer of paper, then quickly scrape the wet paper with a razor. 

Photo Credit: Cnet.com

Make phone holder with hard card

If you are in a place other than your home but still want a smartphone holder in 1-2 minutes, you can get a phone holder with just one card. Just fold the card into a Z shape; you have a very simple and creative phone holder right away. 

Vacuum the stains with a hairdryer

One end of the hairdryer is used to blow air, and the other end is to suck in air. Therefore, you only need to cover the steam nozzle with a small cloth (to prevent dirt from getting into the hairdryer). Then cut off the top of the water bottle and attach it to the blower of the hairdryer and turn on the hairdryer switch. Pieces of dirt will quickly be sucked into the top of the water bottle. 

Photo Credit: Food52.com

Helps clothes dry quickly without the need for a dryer

This tip is convenient when you are traveling. Just place the wet clothes on a dry cotton towel, roll the towel tightly and wring it out. This way helps maximize moisture in clothes. And then, even if you dry it indoors, your clothes will dry faster.

Photo Credit: Stuff.co

Quickly clean the toilet with a can of coke

Just pop the lid on and pour a can of Coca-Cola into the toilet and let it sit overnight. Then wash with soap and water. This will help remove stubborn stains and bacteria in the toilet.

Remove body odor quickly with lemon

If you leave the gym and forget to bring deodorant, cut a fresh lemon in half and rub it on your skin, the odor can quickly disappear.

Photo Credit: Hearthandvine.com

Make natural scented candles with fruit peels

Just let the candle burn in an orange or lemon peel, and this way, you not only prolong the candle’s burning time but also help the room smell better.