Having the ocean or other bodies of water near you has been scientifically proven to relieve mental stress, which makes it perfect for your next adventure.

Mental Health

Humans developed near all bodies of water. Whether it was a river, a lake, or the sea, water has been an integral part of human civilization for the last several thousand years and likely much longer. It should come as no surprise to find out that it is scientifically proven that looking at the water is calming and relaxing. This is why incorporating water into your next travel adventure is the best thing to do. Even so far as just contact with water induces a meditative state that makes us happier, healthier, calmer, more creative, and more capable of awe. This is why you may hear stereotypes of people relaxing in a long bath.

Physical Health

Being in the water, whether treading or swimming, is a lot of effort, and consistently ranks as one of the best forms of working out. Of the most athletic build types per body mass, swimmers rank in the top 3 alongside gymnasts and funnily enough ballet dancers. These three sports consistently outperform all other sports, like soccer, basketball, football, or volleyball for physical performance often by a 3:1 ratio. This just shows how great swimming in water is. This partly explains the amazing body type swimmers get. Being near water in general also helps your respiratory system and breathing nearby salt water can prevent many respiratory-related illnesses. Both warm water and cold water have benefits. Warm water will surround your external body with heat which increases circulation and helps release muscle and joint tension. While cold water is initially unbeneficial, it provides even greater benefits once you are out of the water by increasing circulation which will assist in moving fluid and relaxation of muscles in general. For those up for the extra challenge, remaining in really cold water has been shown to help burn off fat and increase metabolism due to the extra heat needed to be produced to stay warm. Lastly, most often when we go swimming, we’re wearing a bathing suit which usually covers less than what we wear at work. This coupled with being outside, allows for the Sun to shine on your skin providing you plenty of vitamin D. The ocean is so beneficial, that just dressing for the ocean has its positives!

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Fun Activities

Lakes & Pools

Lakes are known for having flat, calm water, which makes them great for many water sports. Water-skiing, tubing, wakeboarding, canoeing/kayaking, skimboarding there are plenty of sports to get yourself into, that range from a variety of difficulties assuring many fun activities for anyone. However, the most renowned form of fun at a lake or pool is the good ol’ fashioned swimming, free of charge and one of the best activities in the world.


Rivers can be anywhere from calm, to rapid. On the calmer side, gently rowing through a river is one of the most relaxing activities in the world as you venture into the wilderness floating on water gliding forward with every stroke. Or, on the more rapid side, one of the most exhilarating experiences as you rush downstream, possibly down waterfalls in furiously fast white-water rapids. Either way, you are bound to have a pleasant time no matter the skill level.

Seas & Oceans

With bigger waves comes greater responsibility – on the water – as you are pushed forwards with the kinetic energy of the wave. You do much less, quite the opposite of spiderman – but with less effort, the more time you can enjoy the ride you’re on. From boogie boarding, surfing to sailing, the more powerful voices of nature come into play where you can largely sit back and relax, or depending on the conditions be in for the barrel of a lifetime. With technologies several centuries old, humans have been having fun in the water, and for great reason too! With all the positive effects and the absolute blast of fun activities available, we recommend you incorporate the Ocean or other bodies of water into your next travel vacation.

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