When it comes to women of influence in Toronto, Dani Matte seamlessely fits into that category. As the head of one of the leading agencies in the city, Dani co-founded Nordström Matte — “a full service public relations firm specializing in fashion, lifestyle, beauty, entertainment and consumer brand industries on an international level.” Today, Dani has announced that the agency is heading in a new direction under the name NBP Group (“No Bad Press”). The agency will continue to focus on representing clients they stand firmly behind, and will be expanding their services providing everything from custom content creation to social media and marketing. We chatted with Dani to learn more about the rebrand and about her journey as a female entrepreneur.

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How long have you been thinking about rebranding Nordström Matte?

It wasn’t until my former partner left the firm that I had to start thinking about rebranding, but it ended up being a blessing in disguise. The rebrand process gave me the chance to really step back and look at the big picture – to really hone in on the type of firm we run and the personality it should have. It’s taken a few months and many long nights, but I’m finally confident that The NBP Group is a real representation of our collective strengths, passions and excitement about PR and the media industry – I could not be more excited for the next chapter of the business.

How do you stay competitive in the industry?

Our main and most important competitive quality is our global approach to PR and media. In my opinion, any brand can be a global brand regardless of where they’re based – who says a Canadian brand can’t have presence overseas? We give our clients the chance to appear to a global audience and don’t believe in borders. I have an immense work history across the US and it’s given us a platform to provide international focused public relations, brand strategy and long term management to clients in and out of Canada, which has continuously set us apart and allowed us to thrive in this industry.

What sort of clientele have you worked with in the past and are you looking to expand into new areas with the rebrand?

At The NBP Group, we were primarily focused on fashion and lifestyle clients, however, with the rebrand we’re integrating a much more intensive entertainment portfolio, which has been a rich history of mine, as well as exploring the cannabis, travel and tech space. We stand behind our statement in that anything we are passionate about, we are proud to represent.

How were you able to scale the business?

I have my BMOS and have studied business all my life. My family has always taught me the value of good business and hard work, and I’ve always taken a very conservative path when it comes to managing and owning companies, especially when it comes to scaling and growth. I’m a big believer in scaling smart instead of fast – I know the importance of a strong foundation and feel we have that at The NBP Group. With the rebrand, I look forward to continuing to grow and scale as we work with brands on international and global scales, so stay tuned!

What’s one of the biggest lessons you’ve learned as an entrepreneur?

Honestly, it’s incredible how many times you need to fail to actually understand the meaning of success – entrepreneurs don’t talk about this enough! Through this rebrand process I’ve learned that failed plans, relationships, dreams and big ideas end up being incredible sources of growth – both professionally and personally. I truly believe there are two outcomes in business (and in life) – you either win or you learn, you never lose. Taking risks, pushing past fear and taking leaps of faith are what moulded me into the business woman I am today and I want to encourage the future leaders of tomorrow to do the same. Always stay uncomfortable! It means your growing.

What are some of the challenges you’ve been faced with in running your business?

When you’re working in an industry so heavily focused on communication, sometimes it can be a challenge to block out the noise and trust in your own process. Everything from managing emotions, barriers, setbacks and failures can make it easy to lose sight of the big picture. I’ve learned to focus on blocking out that noise and instead doing what my heart tells me, as cliché as that sounds! I’m trusting my gut, and for me, it’s important to work with people who feel the same way; who encourage, support and lift each other up.

Where do you think the industry trends are headed in the next year?

For media specifically, this is an ever-evolving industry. The landscape of social media took the world by storm and I think brands are starting to get a more solid footing on the value of social and digital media as a whole. Magazines are continuing to evolve – and since you asked  – print, in my opinion is not dead. Print is in a phase of transition, where the in book opportunities are shifting towards a different perspective. Also, content creation, which is a new service The NBP Group offers, is becoming a very prominent aspect of communication. As someone who has been carefully navigating these materials for awhile, I’m thrilled to finally introduce it into The NBP Group as a part of our portfolio.

What advice would you give to other female entrepreneurs?

Now is your time. Be bold, be aggressive, be kind and be aware of your footing. Setbacks and hurdles will come but the consistent and relentless desire to succeed will always win in the end. Being a woman has never been more exciting than now, and know that there are thousands of women standing beside you and behind you in your pursuit. Brush off the negativity and avoid the noise. Stay on your path, keep moving forward and most importantly – be grateful.

What are you most looking forward to with the rebrand?

Honestly – every single thing.

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