In honour of World Cancer Day 2022, Oh Polly and Bo+Tee have continued their ongoing giving back initiatives by making a £5,000 donation to Young Lives vs Cancer.

February 4, 2022, marks World Cancer Day, and global fashion brand Oh Polly, together with activewear brand Bo+Tee, are continuing their ongoing giving back initiative with a £5,000 donation to Young Lives vs Cancer.

Supporting Young Lives vs Cancer is important to both Oh Polly and Bo+Tee because the cause primarily aims help to young people aged 0-25 years- which coincides with the demographics at Oh Polly and Bo+Tee. As a result, both brands feel a sense of responsibility to highlight the cause and educate their audiences about the importance of what the cause stands for in terms of self-checking and seeking medical assistance where necessary. The charity also helps families find the strength needed to face everything that cancer throws at them, working tirelessly to provide support that’s easy for people to access and looks to meet the needs of every individual.

Carol Jones, Senior Fundraising Engagement Manager at Young Lives vs Cancer said, “When facing cancer, sometimes taking the smallest step feels like climbing a mountain. Young people with cancer are sharing their stories to celebrate what they’ve achieved in the face of cancer and Covid-19. Because, despite it all, every win matters. Hearing you have cancer when you’re a young person is life-shattering. You’ve got big dreams, ambitions and your social calendar has never looked better. Then cancer comes along and destroys it all. But for the young people, we’re supporting now, they’re dealing with all of this also during an ongoing global pandemic – which means facing some treatment alone, increased restrictions, isolation, and fear. So sometimes taking the smallest step feels like climbing a mountain. We are thrilled that Oh Polly has pledged to support us this World Cancer Day, with a donation of £5,000. This help and generosity will mean Young Lives vs Cancer can continue to be there for more children and young people facing cancer.”

The importance of giving back is imperative to both brands, in which giving is at the heart of everything these womenswear brands do and will continue to do. The brands have also partnered with The Salvation Army to become the first retailers to announce their very own online clothing bank, in which this charitable and sustainable solution allows customers to donate their unused clothing for a discount redeemable online.

Published by HOLR Magazine.