A new year comes with a lot of goals, resolutions, projects, and activities that are about to begin. Planning is essential to stay organized and achieve everything you set your mind to. Life is crazy and sometimes our memory and our mind can fail us, which is why it is very important to have a planner. 

Using a planner can be very intimidating. The layouts can be confusing, sometimes the space for writing down what you need is too small, you get lost between dates, etc. There are different types of planners and different ways to use them for your convenience. 

The most important thing is to know what works best for you. Maybe you have to write things down to remember them, or maybe it’s easier for you to have everything on your phone or laptop. We’re all different and there’s not one planner that works for everyone. 

What eases your mind? Maybe you like to take things day by day, so a daily layout would work better for you. Or perhaps you need to see a full week or month to keep your mind organized. 

A bullet journal is a method of personal organization developed by Ryder Carroll. This method allows you to design your planner layout to your convenience. The system lets you organize your reminders, to-do lists, ideas, and other tasks into a single notebook. It can be a little tricky and time-consuming though since you have to draw your layout, but it can be a great activity to do on your me-time. 

Make daily to-do lists. Even if you have all your main events and tasks written down in your planner, making a list of the small activities you have to do during the day is a great way to stay organized and will help you achieve bigger tasks easier. Create monthly goals. You should think of each month as an overview, and based on those goals, you’ll get to decide how to go ahead and plan each day, and that way, you’ll see more progress. 

Planners can be a bit boring. Make your planner a place for inspiration. Allow yourself to be creative and modify it to your convenience. Most important of all, don’t stress too much about it. Don’t beat yourself up if there’s a day where you don’t complete every single task you had planned for the day. There’s always tomorrow and the most important thing about a planner is to give you peace so your mind isn’t all over the place.

Now go ahead and start planning, those goals are waiting for you.