As we head into fall the climate becomes drier or less humid. This dry air can dehydrate your skin which can then create fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin needs to adapt to this change in weather, so a great way to help your face is by changing over your products each season too. 

A great fall regime by Biologique Recherche: 


  • Cleanse:


Cleansing your skin morning and night is very important, it is how you are going to remove any dirt, impurities, pollution or makeup from the skin. Regardless of the season, we like to recommend a milky cleanser (even If you are oily!). There are two BR cleansers that would be great for fall, available on the Miraj Hammam Spa’s website.

  • Lait VIP 02: This cleanser is best for an asphyxiated or dull skin type; Lait VIP 02 protects your skin from pollution and reveals healthy and luminous skin. If you are looking to keep that summer glow through the fall, this cleanser is for you!

  • Lait EV: The EV in this cleanser stands for Vitamin Enriched, if your skin is dehydrated or dry this cleanser is going to restore those lipids and provide immediate comfort to your skin. 


  • Exfoliate: This step is a do not miss in any season! Cells become damaged, congested and filled with pollution particles plus as you begin to age your cellular renewal process tends to slow down. Exfoliation is critical for any skin instant! Biologique Recherche has a unique exfoliant called P50 Lotion. These multi-purpose exfoliating lotions work to balance skin’s pH, purify, brighten and decongest the skin.
  • Lotion P50T: Lotion P50T is best for thin or sensitive skin, so a must-try for first-time users.

  • Lotion PIGM 400: This lotion has all the ingredients as our Lotion P50T, but with an added ingredient to assist in lightening pigmentation and brightening the skin. So, if the sun was your friend this summer, use your Lotion P50 PIGM 400 to lighten those sunspots!
  • How to Use P50 Lotions: 1st-time use:  place lotion on a damp cotton pad and press on the skin 3-4 times per week for the first 2 weeks. After two weeks you can increase the number of days you use the lotion to morning and night + on a dry cotton pad. Best results are seen after 28 days. 


  • Quintessential Serums: Biologique Recherche’s Quintessential Serums are concentrates and are the purest and rawest formulas in the whole line. These serums can be mixed as a cocktail of up to 3 and are used after your cleanser and before your cream. The great thing about these serums is you can target more than one issue at a time. Here is the best cocktail for a fall skincare regime.

Cocktail for Dehydrated and Oily Skin:  This cocktail is great to add hydration, brighten and decongest the skin.

  1. Extrait Tissulaires: Gives your skin light hydration and moisturizes the top layer of the skin. This can be used on an oilier skin type for light moisture.  There is an added bonus with this serum and it can be used around the eye contour area to hydrate!
  2. Complexe Iribiol: Purifies and rebalances skin to treat help with treating acne. This serum is also antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.  ** If you do not want to use this serum all over the face in a cocktail, you can use this as a spot treatment too!
  3. Complexe Oligo Proteins Marines: This serum is for dull and or devitalized skin and does wonders to energize and brighten the complexion.  Added Bonus: This can be used around the eye contour for dark circles. 

Cocktail for Dry/Dehydrated and Aging Skin:  This is a great cocktail preventative ageing + hydrating the skin. 

  1. Serum Amniotique E: Is one step higher than Extrait Tissulaires for hydration. It will help to regenerate, protect and smooth skin 
  2. Collagene Marin: This is for dehydrated skin lacking tone. It will assist in tightening pores and superficially plumping the skin 
  3. Serum A-Glyca: A- Glyca stands for anti-glycation, but a lot of people do not know what this process is.  Glycation is when sugars in your body attach to proteins like collagen and elastin and damage these fibres, resulting in wrinkles. If your summer was filled with sugar and alcohol this is the best serum for you!

The best-targeted serum for colder weather: 

  • Trans Epidermal Water Loss is the amount of water that evaporates from your skin. This does happen every day but happens more often during colder weather. Biologique Recherche’s Serum T.E.W.L prevents just that! This serum restores lipids with active ingredients to protect the skin and act as a shield towards any outside aggressors


  • Moisturize: Whether you have oily, dry, dehydrated or sensitive skin, moisturizing is another step that is a can’t miss. There are many different types of moisturizers that can be customized to use anyone’s skin instantly. 

Nourishing Cream:

Crème VG Derm:  Is a cream for very dehydrated and undernourished skin, it will assist in relieving tightness in the skin. Great for fall or winter!

Regenerating Cream: 

Crème Masque Vernix:  This is my FAVOURITE cream, it protects, adds lipids to the skin and reduces water loss from the skin.  This cream/ mask combo is also great to help repair new scars. Added bonus: Can be used as a masque apply a thicker layer 

Brightening Cream: 

Crème PIGM 400: Another product that will assist in unifying and lightening pigmentation in the skin. If the sun was your friend this summer, this cream should be your best friend in the fall. 


  • Wear a mask!


When you are looking to give your skin some extra love, adding a mask to your routine is ideal. Masks are to be used 1-2 times per week, depending on skin concerns.  If you have an oily skin type, be sure to use a hydrating mask 1 time a week and a purifying mask the second time. 

Mask for Hydration:

Masque Visolastine: This mask is best for dehydrated skin instants. It will help to protect, soothe and restore lipids in the skin.  ** Can be used around the eye. 


The best skin care tip is to ALWAYS wear your sunscreen, no matter the season or weather, sunscreen should be used every single day. When picking out a sunscreen be sure it says broad spectrum on the bottle to ensure you are being protected from UVA and UVB rays at the same time.  **Don’t forget to reapply throughout the day and it is always best to wear a hat! Try Elta MD UV Clear SPF, available on the Miraj Hammam Spa’s website.

All products are available at

Treatments to try at The Miraj Hammam Spa:

Best Facials for Fall

All of BR’s facials are hyper-customized to each guest’s skin instant. Each facial uses a different booster with targeted techniques for immediate visible results. 

Signature Facial: The best facial booster for dry or dehydrated skin is our Soin Lissant Booster. The Soin Lissant Booster is used in our 60-minute Signature Facial to help hydrate, lift and restructure the skin instantly. 

Oxygeneo Facial 60- mins. 

Oxygeneo was designed to enrich the skin with oxygen from within the body, while gently exfoliating dead skin and infusing active ingredients to maximize the effect. A vibrating capsule reacts with the treatment gel to exfoliate the outer layer of dead skin cells. The treatment creates CO2 bubbles that pass through the upper skin layer to trigger 02 rich blood. Oxygen is then released to the area of increased C02. Active ingredients are then infused into the skin using Ultrasound, resulting in a long-term healthy glow. A mask is then applied to the skin and the treatment is finished with selected serum and cream application.