Shopping online has far outstripped in-store browsing in the popularity stakes. With almost all retailers having an online counterpart, why would you need to visit the store? You can sate all your shopping needs from the comfort of your home. And you don’t even need a computer or laptop to do so. With smartphones as powerful as the best computer setups, the world of online shopping is at our fingertips.

Venturing online to do our shopping has become even more popular during the COVID crisis. For some, it’s not just easier; it’s a necessity. You can avoid the crowds with ease if you’re vulnerable. Waiting long stints for packages to arrive is even a thing of the past, with most stores offering some form of next day delivery. Even same-day delivery if you’re talking about Amazon.

But just because you’re shopping online doesn’t mean you want to miss out on a deal. There’s nothing better than grabbing your dream Asos basket with an extra 20% off. It’s all about knowing where to find discounts. (And how to tease them out of even the most reluctant retailers.)

Keep scrolling for every tip and trick you’ll ever need for bagging the best online deals every time you shop.

Shop Out Of Season

It’s the oldest trick in the book. But also the least utilized. The change of seasons means a complete shift of stock for retailers. Stores have to get rid of their old stock to make room for new season offerings. This means they’ll offer even deeper discounts to savvy shoppers who aren’t fazed by shopping last season’s stock.

Think shopping for an air conditioner in the depths of winter. Get your cozy winter coat during the blistering heat of summer. It’s not just seasons either, think about the big holidays. Buy your fancy chocolate right after Valentine’s day and stock up on wrapping paper just after Christmas. You could grab yourself up to 75% off the in-season price.

Compare Prices

A lot of stores have precisely the same stock offerings. And not all of the stores will have them up at the same price. They’re banking on you only going to your tried and tested stores for all your shopping needs. But this could mean you’re paying far more than you need to.

Make sure you check other like-minded stores for the same product. Every company goes into sales at different times to maximize customer engagement. You could grab a great deal that you’d otherwise miss. You can also use online price comparison sites that’ll do all the hard work for you. That way, you’ll always get the lowest price.

Sign Up For Offers

Get a great little offer just for signing up for a newsletter. Lots of retailers offer money off for committing to receiving their newsletter. Or even as a new customer if you create an account. Plus, most companies advertise upcoming promos to their subscribers first.

If you’re going to be doing this with many retailers, set up a new email account. While news on deals is excellent, you will be inundated with mailings. But if you can’t be bothered with setting up a whole new account, just make sure to unsubscribe. Once you’ve got the deal or code through, scroll to the bottom of the email. There you’ll find an unsub link to stop the mind-numbing stream of updates, instantly.

Tease A Code Out Of Retailers

Some companies fall for this. Some don’t. But if you’ve tried all other tricks to save a quick buck, this is the perfect failsafe. You’ll need an account for the company first off. Then all you need to do is put something in your basket and leave it there. Close the site and get on with better things. If you’re lucky, they’ll send you an offer via email for some money off.

Higher value items generally get you heftier discounts, but it can be a risk. They could send money off a spend over $100 when you only want to spend $50. This trick tends to work pretty flawlessly with Asos.

Haggle Via Online Chat

When those little icons pop up offering live chat, they quickly get dismissed. Who needs help online? Next time you spot one, don’t get rid of it! It’s an open door to finding hidden deals and testing out your haggling chops.

It can feel uncomfortable asking for discounts when there’s a real person on the other end. And some retailers won’t budge. But it’s worth taking a chance. Plus, in the long run, you’ll never talk to them again anyway, so don’t be embarrassed. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. It’s particularly effective to say you’ve seen it cheaper elsewhere. You’re likely to entice them into offering a deal just to steal your custom from a rival store.

Clear Your Browsing History

Retailers often use a little trick called dynamic pricing. This is where they raise prices based on your zip code or search history. It’s a sneaky ploy to make you pay more for something they know you want. But there’s a way to outsmart it.

Do these three things to avoid hiked up prices. Clear your browsing history and cookies, sign out of social media and go incognito (basically switching to private browsing). That way, the company thinks it’s your first time looking at the product and could save you some cash.

Don’t Forget Businesses That Don’t Operate Online

This one sounds counterintuitive. We’re talking about online shopping, right? Correct! Yet some places simply can’t function online. We’re talking salons, beauty therapists, massage parlors, restaurants. But just because they aren’t online, doesn’t mean you can’t still find deals and coupons for them on the world wide web.

Check out webpages that bring all the best coupons to one place. This isn’t reserved for the younger generation either. Plus, they make a perfect pressie or treat for loved ones. Save your Nan a pretty penny on her next hair treatment with a senior discount at Great Clips. Looking online for coupons is also brilliant for restaurant discounts. Treat yourself to a nice meal when lockdown ends. After the last year, you deserve it.