Let’s get real. We’ve all faced the cold and ugly truth of not being able to afford those classy Gucci items that I know you keep stalking. Lucky for us, Gucci has partnered up with Real Real, allowing us to shop for designer items at a better price. Did you know about the Real Real?

Via The Real Real

For those who don’t know what The Real Real is, it’s an online thrift shop known for its luxurious pieces. What this resale company does is create a unique space for second-hand shoppers, and by doing so, extending the lifecycle of luxury items. This also contributes to the slow fashion movement, that goes against the overproduction of goods. Goods that will most likely not make it to the store or even get bought. By purchasing from second-hand shops, you’re also becoming more eco-friendly. Saving the Earth while adding a Gucci pair of boots to my closet? Say no more. The company already had a wide variety of designer brands such as Prada, Rolex, and Chanel…but not Gucci.

Gucci’s time to shine in the thrift shopping community has arrived. After only a short while of being partnered up with the consignment shop, Gucci appears as one of the top fashion brands on the site. These items are close to being in perfect condition and the number of discounts is insane! In order to ensure that the items sold on the site are worth the price, each piece goes through a process of evaluation with the help of luxury brand authenticators, horologists, geologists, and home and art curators. The sellers are also interviewed. The Real Real is 100% committed to being genuine and sell only the best products. Affordable Gucci pieces, here I come.