Is Zanab from Love is Blind in a relationship?

Zanab Love is Blind Instagram

Zanab Jaffrey, from Season 3 of Netflix’s Love is Blind, is currently going viral online for a new video posted on TikTok. In the now-viral clip posted on her channel @zanabjaffrey, the social media star seemingly shows off a new relationship in her life.


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Zanab Love is Blind Boyfriend

Who is Zanab’s mystery man? The social media star has not shared any hints as of yet but the comment section was hyping up this alleged relationship.

It is unclear if the star and the person whose hand is around her in the clip are together or not as Zanab has not confirmed the rumors just yet. Zanab also sent social media into a frenzy weeks ago when she posted this photo shoot with a handsome man, leading fans to believe they were dating which apparently was not the case.


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Zanab And Cole Love is Blind

Zanab and Cole were one of the couples on Love is Blind Season 3 who did not make it past the altar together. There is a viral scene of the duo having a conversation over cuties that is one of the most talked about moments of the season.

What do you think- does Zanab have a new man in her life or is this new post just alleged?

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