Do Micah’s friends hate Paul? The latest episodes just dropped on Netflix’s Love is Blind and people can’t stop talking about Micah’s friend group and whether or not one friend in particular hates her fiancée, Paul.

In some recent Love is Blind episodes that just aired on Netflix, Micah introduces her fiancée, Paul, to her friends. Some of them are on board with their relationship while one in particular seems to have a bone to pick with Micah about her settling down with her newfound love.

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Love is Blind Micah and Paul

Micah Lussier and Paul Peden got engaged on Love is Blind, sight unseen. The two met in a pair of pods and decided to take their connection to the next level by getting engaged and since then the two’s relationship has played out on Netflix’s streaming service in the form of a reality dating show.

During one of the series’ most recent episodes, Micah introduces Paul to her circle of friends for the first time. One of her friends, Shelby, is not on board with the couple’s relationship, telling Micah, “I’m 100% not with it,” as noted here.

Micah looks totally caught off guard and devastated as she assures her friend that she is in love with Paul. As mentioned here, when asked if she loves Paul, Micah says, “Yeah, 100%. I don’t know. It just feels like what it’s supposed to feel like when you find, like, your other half, I guess.”

The final episodes of the series have yet to drop so we’ll have to wait and see if the pair make it down the aisle after Micah’s most recent outing with her friends.

Love is Blind Micah and Irina

Micah and Irina Solomonova formed an immediate bond as two members of the latest season of Love is Blind. The pair were each on their respective journeys to find true love, sigh unseen, as they embarked on dates in the pods. The two were also subsequently dubbed “mean girls” for their behavior in the show’s early episodes.

After Micah and Paul got engaged, however, as mentioned here, Irina began to develop a connection with Paul in which she could be seen flirting with him at a pool party during one of the episodes. She also openly told Micah that she has a crush on Micah’s fiancé, Paul, in a recent episode of the series.

As reported in multiple outlets, Micah reportedly does not regret her friendship with Irina.

Love is Blind Micah and Kwame

In other events, Micah is seemingly in a love triangle with another cast member, Kwame, and his fiancée, Chelsea. Micah and Kwame can be seen talking and allegedly flirting during some of the episodes of the show, much to Chelsea’s dismay as she is trying to build her connection with her new fiancé.

Although Micah has told her friends she is in love with Paul, Micah, and Kwame also share a close bond. In fact, Kwame has said that Micah holds a “special place” in his heart as mentioned here.

Will Micah and Paul make it down the aisle? Looks like we will have to stay tuned and see! New episodes will be dropping on Netflix on April 7.

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