The modeling business has undergone an unprecedented makeover due to the adoption of cutting-edge technology and shifts in consumer preferences. Simpler ways and direct applications replaced the expensive and traditional agency-led model bookings. In this realm of innovation, Zodel emerges as a forward-thinking platform designed to fundamentally change how models are hired and booked in key fashion hubs.

Vision Behind the Zodel Creation

Zodel came into being when the founders looked at the model booking process in a non-traditional way and wanted to help models and clients through a more seamless and transparent booking system. Zodel was founded by industry veterans who realized the necessity of change and soon became an industry leader in model bookings and talent worldwide.

Why is Zodel Effective for Model Hiring?

Zodel brings several new functions that make it different from the existing modeling platforms. These include:

1. Easy Hiring Process

  • Zodel matches models according to the project’s requirements so companies can save time searching through model profiles.
  • This avoids the tedious task of conducting sweeping searches and means adopting a more personalized and direct hiring approach to models who are available and interested in the project. 

2. Secure Payment System

  • Zodel’s secured payment system ensures smooth and customer-friendly transactions for clients and models.
  • The Zodel safely holds the funds until the completion of the task, which will give both parties reassurance and financial security.

3. Connect Talent across major US cities

Zodel serves nationwide and is headquartered in Las Vegas. With a focus on major cities like Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and Chicago, it provides a pool of talented individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds.

The wide coverage allows brands to access a larger audience, thus expanding their reach beyond the geographical limitations.

Zodel Provides Exclusive Benefits for Models 

  • Diverse Opportunities: Whether it is runway modeling or commercial work, Zodel has different opportunities to offer its models.
  • Direct Connections: Through circumventing traditional agencies, Zodel connect models directly to clients to facilitate communication and easy hiring for their projects.
  • Fair Compensation: Through Zodel’s payment system, models can be certain that they will be rightfully compensated for their work and that no agency fee is necessary.

Zodel Delivers Exclusive Advantages for Brands

  • Streamlined Search: Zodel was designed with user experience in mind to ensure clients can easily find and hire models suited to their job requirements.
  • Targeted Invites: Zodel does this through direct job invites that are sent out to models who meet the criteria; this way, clients are only connected with the most appropriate talent for their project.
  • Professional Models: Clients will find it a breeze to choose the best model because they will have options from various backgrounds and demographics, and location will not be a limitation if they choose so. 

Hiring Models Made Easy with Zodel’s Streamlined Process

Companies can easily hire models on Zodel for their next project by following the given simple steps:

Step -1: Make an account on or download the Zodel app for iOS or Android, with a phone number. Upon receiving the verification code, enter it to get a Zodel verified account.

Step -2: Fill out profile details such as name, website, and social media links. It will boost credibility and enable models to know who they might be working with. 

Step -3: Post a job by clicking on the ‘Post a Job’ button. Add the details of your project, job, or event. Provide specifics such as the description, and the number of models you need, addition to the gender preferences, additional requirements for hiring models.

Step -4: Add event details like the location, time, date, and meeting points for the models’ availability, as well as for scheduling. Add hourly pay or flat pay rate and add other reimbursable items provided with the job so there are no surprises for models or clients. 

Step -5: Add inspirational images which reflect the look and feel of the campaign. It allows models to understand the style and get the idea if they are right for this campaign. Conduct a pre-publication check to avoid any mistakes since Zodel will vet all the posts to ensure they meet the platform’s standards, providing an excellent experience to both clients and models.

Step -6: Zodel will find the best model profile that matches your project. You can check the model’s profiles and can send direct job invites. To secure your models, make a payment for the expected total. This amount will be held by Zodel until after the successful completion of the project. 

Find Your Next Top Model Through Zodel

Zodel is more than a fusion platform; it is a spark for change in the fashion industry. By using technology and innovation, Zodel is completely reshaping the model booking process and opening up a whole new set of opportunities for both models and clients across major US cities. Zodel is a successful model hiring platform in the major US cities due to its direct invitations, and secure payments features. Hence, it is creating an innovative future for model bookings and changing the traditional approach of the modeling industry.


The modeling industry has experienced an inspiring reformation as a result of technological development as well as changes in people’s choices. The traditional booking model is a more complicated, involving agents and high commissions paid to “middle-men.”. Nowadays, a simpler and more direct method is emerging, where Zodel takes the lead in crafting the future of the field. With its unique selling points and major US cities coverage, Zodel is here to revolutionize what has been holding the modeling industry today.

Zodel opens doors to a variety of modeling career opportunities, and fair remuneration for models whereas clients find a simplified workflow, professional models and access to a universal staff aggregator. The model hiring procedure on Zodel is concise and understandable which fosters a comfortable environment for both parties.

Fundamentally, Zodel is not only a platform, but it represents the impetus for the change in fashion industry. Through the practical application of direct invitations, and secured payments, Zodel is envisaging the future of the brand’s bookings and thus is transforming the traditional approach to the business. Facing the future, Zodel will direct models and brands in the direction of the new era of innovation and opportunity in the world of modeling with the new experience.

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Published by HOLR Magazine.