In the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it has almost been a month that the schools are shut. Consequently, teachers are teaching from their homes, and students are learning from their homes. The problem is severe for the students as they have absolutely no contact with their friends.

For many of them, the physical activity that was already limited has now gone to zero. Guess what? All of this, courtesy COVID-19. That’s not all. All the recognized and known boards, such as A-Levels, IB, CBSE, or ICSE, have either postponed or cancelled their examination.

Similarly, colleges such as Princeton, Harvard, and MIT are all shut. Every institute has shut their campus and shifted to online classes. Even the standardized tests, such as the ACT, SATs, GRE, and GMAT, stand suspended. Consequently, the future of so many students is at stake. 

 All of this has undoubtedly resulted in panic around both students and educators alike. They are uncertain of the next step or the continuity in context to the educational objectives. 

Broadly speaking, there are three critical educational concerns, which both teachers and learners are experiencing as an outcome of this pandemic. We will address them here one by one. 


Uncertainty, perplexity, and Stress

Unfortunately, students across the world have been stuck in limbo. The concern is simple – all education outcomes have been put on standby because of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, most of them are stuck in a cross-wire for either two reasons – 1) exams did not happen or 2) exams were suspended in the middle. 

Consequently, students are uncertain as to what their future holds because the next step they take, be it in terms of advanced education or their career, more or less depends on the outcome of the last step. So, unless they have the result of the college leaving or school-leaving examinations, they are stuck in the same vicious cycle. 

‘Of course, there is uncertainty with regards to the future and the degree, but the problem should not stress the students. It is more than certain that universities or colleges and even recruiters will find a way to extrapolate the final performance.

Most likely, it will be based on the continued performance across the year, and then formulate a deserving result for the students,’ assures Jessica, an online educator who you can reach out to for assignment help by TFTH services.  

We agree with Jessica on this, but there is another dimension to the same problem. When exactly will the student begin with their next class or college or graduate and kick-start their professional life? Well, this is something that is in the hands of the education boards and universities. So, the students should be closely in touch with their universities, schools, colleges, and patients.

Remember, in this time; there is nothing more superior than maintaining your mental health. You need to understand that the clarity with regards to your future can only be ascertained when the impact of the pandemic lowers, and we all get the normalcy we deserve in our lives.

However, that does not mean that you should slack. On the contrary, you must continually be on the lookout for newer information and ensure that you are quick to act. This is vital to not lose out on opportunities. 


One year away from a face-to-face instructor-led education

The plight of the students who are only a year from graduating school or college is infelicitous,’ comments David, an educator who offers economics homework help. 


We agree, David! It is majorly because

1) Their whole education process is haywire, and

2) Their next big step in life is stalled, and now they have to prove themselves harder. 


 Because there are no marks or grades or any other concrete evaluation process in check, the students have ended up in a situation where they can’t distinguish themselves from the rest and prepare them for the impending education tasks or the jobs.

So, there is one word of advice for such students. We understand and acknowledge your quandary, but that does not mean that you should completely give up. There is still a way for you to stand out and get hold of the best opportunities in the market.

So, as a course of action, focus on building your CV. This can be used as a phenomenal personal branding tactic and will affirmatively work for you. 

 Be it universities, schools, or colleges, especially those with a prolific global position, focus more on your holistic profile than just your marks and grades.

Hence, students must pay attention to this aspect, pick up things that interest them, and demonstrate their skills accordingly. It is beneficial when you have to enter the job market because this will give the interview a feeling of how you can even make the most of an unfortunate situation.


Education disruption

The problem is not limited to the students in an outcome-dependent situation; everyone else is also experiencing an equal challenge, especially in terms of a severe education disruption.  

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, almost every school has moved online. This has even put pressure on parents as now they have to play an active role of teachers in the child’s life.

However, the concerned parents are quickly getting adept with the resources designed for homeschoolers to ensure minimal disruption to their child’s education. So, what’s the problem. Stanley, who offers ‘do my Matlab homework services,’ has vividly explained the situation. 

He says,’ In the past one year, and time ahead, there have been a bunch of resources made available, but unfortunately, there are still not enough resources that can imitate a school.

At schools, students learn more than just education. They learn the values of working in a team, leadership skills, confidence, and many such life skills, which prepare them for the future. Sadly, that is one compromise that the students will have to make. 

 As far as we go back in time, COVID-19 will still be one of the most significant calamities to have hit humanity, and all of us have faced the brunt of it. Each one of us has been going through the most testing circumstances of our lives. The education stalling will somehow influence our preparedness for the future and will also have a significant impact on our lifestyle and economic cost.

Thus, it would be best if you took in all the necessary measures to minimize the damage so whenever life returns to its normal best, you are better prepared than ever for the opportunities, which life and the world at large throw your way.