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Finding the ideal Pesach resort for your family is the most critical aspect of your Passover vacation. There are many choices, but thorough research is necessary before choosing one. Before choosing any resort, you should be sure of a few features and amenities. Here, we provide some crucial information and suggestions to aid in your search for the ideal one.

Selecting Vacation Destination

For selecting the Passover resort, the location you choose matters a lot. Every country and region welcomes Pesach tourists, so you have many options. It is essential to decide the destination where you want to stay for your vacation. Then, you can start searching for the Passover resort and regional programs. 

How to choose the destination?

The best way to choose your Passover trip venue is to have a family conversation. Make a list of every destination you and your family would like to visit to help narrow down your choices. Call a family meeting and ask each person to bring a list of their ideal vacation destinations. Allow time for everyone to think about their travel plans and the destinations they want to visit. And with mutual discussion, you can find a destination for your family’s Passover vacation.

Deciding Passover resort 

Now that you know where you’re going, you may choose the resort you intend to stay in after choosing your final destination. To find accommodations that please everyone in your family:

  1. Create a list of prerequisites. The entire family can help you create this list, or you can let the adult determine what is most important.
  2. Do some research on the hotel’s quality.
  3. For more information on the rooms, amenities, pools, and common areas of the resort, look up photographs and reviews online.

Before you confirm any resort, check out this list as well:

  • Do you want a set of rooms with a living area and a dining or hotel-style room?
  • Do they have arrangements for family-friendly entertainment at the resort?
  • Does the hotel permit animals? (in case you have a pet)
  • Is the resort close to places your family will love going, such as theme parks, water parks, fine dining, upscale shopping, and beaches?
  • Does the resort offer kids activities to occupy the kids and educate them about the Pesach holiday’s religious significance?

The Food

Most importantly, ensure that the resort has specific arrangements according to Jewish customs and traditions, Passover kosher, and chametz-free meals. You will need to research the resort by going to your travel website or the hotel and resort websites and searching for this information.


While making your holiday plans, you must consider your financial situation. Your vacation cost will change depending on where you go and the kind of resort you stay at.The charges will, of course, be on the higher side if you choose to stay in a five-star luxury resort. In comparison, you might get the same amenities at a lower price in a three-star alternative. . 

The level of comfort is entirely up to you and your family. To decide whether you require a five-star hotel or can accept a three-star, consider how much time you wish to spend at the hotel or in the local cities and villages. Your budget is also a critical factor in choosing the right Passover resort. 


Pesach vacation is ultimately family time. Planning things together to have a more fun and memorable vacation is best. Before selecting any Passover resort, you must consider your family’s needs and comfort.

Published by HOLR Magazine.