Halloween is next weekend, and we could not be more excited. One of the best Halloween activities is carving a pumpkin. There is nothing quite like the glow of a freshly carved pumpkin on your front step!

Whether you are carving with your kids, or you and your friends are getting together for some fall cocktails and a pumpkin carving night it is sure to put you in the Halloween mood. We have compiled the biggest carving trends for 2021, so if you have been stumped on your pumpkin look no further!

Unique Ideas

Reese Witherspoon posted her pumpkins, and she had a genius idea. She took the letters from her bulletin board and pushed them into her pumpkin! This is an easy but cute idea for making your front step festive. Reese had the genius idea and used punny Halloween phrases on her pumpkins.

Image Credit: @reesewitherspoon on Instagram


If carving is not your thing, painting your pumpkin is a great option. Pick up some acrylic paints from the dollar store and go to town.

Image Credit: Better Homes and Gardens

For this paint-splattered pumpkin make sure to tape off the pumpkin stem before you start. Either pick out your classic black and orange Halloween colours or go bright and choose some neon colours.

Image Credit: Better Homes and Gardens

If you are looking for a neater and more uniform look to your painted pumpkin take some electric tape and tape off your sections to paint. You can easily get a cute and cozy fall-time buffalo plaid pattern by doing this.

Image Credit: Better Homes and Gardens

You can use your electric tape to tape some fun geometric designs as well. Get fun, funky, and creative with the tape and paint!

Classic Carving

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a classic and simple jack-o-lantern. Carve out your triangle eyes, nose, and add your big smile.

Image Credit: Woman’s Day

If you are wanting to stay classic but with a little bit of a twist, add a fun accessory to your pumpkin. Carve your pumpkin with the classic big smile, and some cat ears, a boogie-man eye mask or a top hat!

Staying within our current world situation, do a classic pumpkin carving and add a surgical mask to it. People walking by your house will get a kick out of it! Make sure to take a picture of it, it will be hard to believe you had a pandemic-themed pumpkin 20 years from now!

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