Trick or treat yourself to some amazing candy!

Boo! It’s almost spooky season witch means it’s time to check out this latest Halloween must-have- Sugar Chic Candy. Sugar Chic Candy offers luxury quality candy with a personalized spin on everyone’s favourite childhood sweet treats. You can choose from Classic Sour Peaches to boozy Champagne Gummy Bears because there’s a gift set with something for everyone.

With hygiene and safety top of mind these days, Sugar Chic Candy has individually packaged gift sets that are perfect for personal snacking or gift-giving. The minimalist triangle-shaped trays make it super easy for individuals to pick-and-go so that anyone and everyone can enjoy their own selection. You can also pick from endless options to make the package more personalized and thoughtful for a loved one, featuring their favourite treats. Keep in mind that Sugar Chic Candy has vegan options too! 

With Halloween around the corner, this is the perfect time to treat yourself- or a loved one. Elevate your Halloween experience with a round-up of our must-haves from the brand by checking out our faves from Sugar Chic Candy down below!

  • The Ruby Red Berries are delicious, berry-flavoured retro candies that are sweet, squishy, and perfect for enjoying on any occasion.
  • These Champagne Bubbles bring out the bubbly in the best way! As a delicate, sweet-flavoured champagne gummy, these candies are a great addition to any Halloween sweets table.
  • The Mini Sour Blue Raspberries are sugary and sour- which means you get the best of both worlds in every bite!
  • If you’re more of a chocolate lover, these milk chocolate Rosebuds will definitely satisfy your sweet craving. 
  • A nostalgic classic, these candy Gummi worms are colourful, fruity, and chewy.

Can’t pick because you love them all? You also have the option to customize a “Create Your Own” box featuring all of your favourite goodies!

If you’re planning a fun Halloween get together with close family or friends, hosts can also take it a step further with “party-favour” takeaways in the form of Candy Cans, which feature a small can of packaged candy, complete with a little handle for ease in carrying- no gift bag needed! This is a party favour your guests will love to receive. 

Be sure to check out Sugar Chic Candy for all of your Halloween needs- they’re a definite go-to for the perfect gift for any friend or family member with a sweet tooth.

Enjoy goblin up all of your candy!

Published by HOLR Magazine.