Every day isn’t always the best day, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try our best to make it an amazing day. What better way to start your day than by doing these 3 steps that will help you get ready both physically and mentally so you’re prepared to make the most out of today!

Immediately Getting Out of Bed

We all love to hit our snooze button to get those 5 extra minutes of nirvana but it actually begins your day all wrong. Whether you’re waking from a long night’s rest or a quick power nap, the best thing you can do to stimulate your body is to spring it into action. This means as soon as your alarm rings, you jump out of bed. This step is as hard as it is simple, specifically for us night owls, but this one step single-handedly gets your body more physically prepared than anything else.

Getting Outside As Soon As Possible

This next step will get your body and mind into gear. By getting outside your body and mind will receive the wake-up call it needs and will make you forget the most lingering sensations of sleep. Nature has played a vital role in human evolution and our bodies are naturally in tune with our surroundings. By being outside one fills all senses with their surroundings and greatly readies the body and mind for the upcoming day. However, if the weather isn’t great and going outside would do more harm than good, just seeing the outside weather and possibly opening a window will do your body and mind wonders of good.

Give Yourself Time To Go Slow

The last two steps have been entirely about waking your body and stimulating your senses. By now both your mind and body should be awake, but to truly be ready to tackle your day you need one crucial part, mental readiness. This step allows you to prepare yourself both emotionally and mentally for your upcoming activities.

There are many ways you can achieve this step, whether it is through a morning yoga exercise or the time it takes to brew your first cup of coffee. Any form of activity where you can focus on your own thoughts with relaxed breathing will provide time to calm yourself and truly reflect on the day to come. 

The most beautiful thing is that happiness is a mindset you can foster by readying yourself for your day and taking time to enjoy the moments of calm we have in our lives. During the pandemic, it is more important than ever to stay safe and happy.

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