No new friends became a thing a few years ago. It’s surprising how many people took this literally and made it a life mantra to follow. However, as you get older, you realize how important it is to make new connections. Further, experiencing positive growth as a person also has something to do with your ability to connect with different people; we learn from each other. 

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You will find as you get older, that your interests will change. Sometimes those interests aren’t compatible with your current friends. Does this mean you give them up? Or should you limit your potential for growth and expansion? No. It’s okay to align yourself with people who have the same interests and beliefs as you. Or live their life the way you want to. 


You don’t have to get rid of your old friends, in fact, you will find that your friendships are richer because you have the freedom to cultivate connections with other people. You may find that you have a greater appreciation for your oldest friends and encourage them to make more connections with new people as well. 


This is a guide on how to make new friends and connections as an adult: 


Attend Events Alone: If you remember what your first day of school was like or if you have ever been the new kid in school, these firsts prepared you for later in life where making new connections is important, not just in terms of friendship but for career endeavours. It’s easy to bring a friend when you attend events but you need to go alone to step outside of your comfort zone. Do something that scares you and challenges you, attend your next event solo. Talk to someone new, make a new friend. You will be amazed at how great you will feel after. It’s also an amazing feeling knowing that the world is full of great people who share the same interests as you. Before you get to the event, give yourself a plan to meet at least 3 new people. Exchange information with them.


Reach Out To New People: This might seem a little odd for some of you but you can make new friends via social media whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, or apps like Bumble that have an option for making just friends. Don’t go to random people’s houses alone! You’re making new friends, not throwing caution to the wind. 


Join A New Activity: This is probably the easiest way to make new friends. You can also take a course, perhaps you need to brush up on your photography skills? Make sure you get to know the familiar faces you see and make an effort to get to know their first names at the very least. Everybody wants a good workout buddy and at least you know you have a common interest from the get-go. 


Make Friends Through Other Friends: Now this can be a little tricky if you have friends who don’t like to share friends. Some people are very territorial about their friends and get upset when their friends become friends. This is understandable, nobody wants to feel left out. At the same time, it’s good to know that you have this great ability to bring people together. Hopefully, your friendships are strong enough that this won’t break your bond but instead strengthen it. Just remember to include the person who introduced you to each other when you can and don’t make it a weird thing.