At long last, you are 21 now. At twenty-one, everyone wants to go to the pubs or clubs and have some tequila shots. Possibly you are not that attached to alcohol and you do not want to try some vodka or bourbon whiskey. Nothing wrong with it because doing such banality things make your birthday much more normal simply like all other guys. There are a few other incredible things that you can do on your 21st birthday and have an extraordinary celebration to remember than getting a hangover.

As the law says, after twenty-one, a person can buy his/her own drinks. Most of the students and other adults, hit the pub for the drink when they are eligible legitimately. By this on-going trend plus, such depiction in Hollywood movies, alcohol at big 2-1 has become fundamental. But if you want to take a stab at something new other than boozing out, we have some incredible ways to celebrate your twenty-first.

Take a Tour to A Casino

Once you have crossed this age, you are allowed to play casino games at the casino. This can be a great way to make your birthday special than boozing around in a bar with your friends. If some of your friends still want drinks, then some casinos offer free drinks as well. Another great way to have a casino experience is the online casinos. You can sign up for a reliable casino, get more information about it, and organize a gambling night to celebrate your birthday.

Mocktail Party

Not having alcohol on your big birthday doesn’t mean you can’t toast. You can have mocktails at your party. Mock-tails are a great alternative to cocktails and alcohol. Some snacks or food at the club and dancing and enhance your celebration experience.You can set your mood with mock-tails with other activities on your birthday run.

Plan A Road Trip

FYI, you cannot rent a hotel or motel room if you are not 21 or above. If you have travel lust then you might know it. So, turning “twenty-one” offers you the perfect opportunity to plan a road trip with your friends. Well, sleeping in a car while on the trip is the best and memorable but not all places are safe. So, when you are 21, it is a really great time to explore the world with awesome travel ideas and it becomes hassle-free when you have legal permissions to visit everything this country has to offer.

Enjoy Freebie Places

This one is really good but slightly cliché. Several big restaurants and party halls offer free perks to a birthday boy or a girl. Whether it is your 21st or 42nd birthday, you get free fun here.Even though, free offerings in such places are limited to particular things, it is really fun in this. It is not as exciting as a night out at other places but sometimes the simplest things can give you immense pleasure. Plus, you can also avail some discount offers for your friends as well.

Enjoy 21+ Events

All those parties, pubs, clubs, and concerts that you were always excited to attend a few years ago are now open to you. In every part of the city or town, there are some places and events that are allowed to 21+ adults only. You can attend them with your adult friends. You don’t have to look hard to find such events.There is always something going on.