As a gamer, you only want to invest in top-notch gadgets for your gaming activities. The same applies if you are a fan of online esports betting. You should only join a reputable and trustworthy betting site like GGBet to enjoy a safe, fun and seamless online betting experience. 

This article, however, will not be focusing on esports betting. It will give invaluable insight to individuals looking for the best TVs for the XBOX series. Any gamer knows that finding the ideal TV for Xbox Series is an important part of ensuring that they are taking advantage of the latest technical achievements that the new consoles offer. The market is flooded with numerous options, which makes it challenging for a person to just pick one. 

We want to make your work a lot easier by presenting a list of the top TV models that have been tried and tested by gaming enthusiasts. These include affordable and premium models, allowing you to choose your best option.

Samsung QN95A 

Gaming lovers may want to buy the Samsung QN95A when looking for an exceptional TV for XBOX Series. The gadget has numerous features that make it stand out. These include deep blacks, amazing colours, contrasts, impeccable HDR management and enviable quality. 

This TV boasts of an advanced AI-powered Neo Quantum 4k processor that does magic to the image quality. Its Intelligent Mode optimizes all sources, which makes the television a great option. Tizen offers smart connectivity, while Samsung’s One Connect Boxes make multi-gaming device set-up a breeze. The QN95A also features a Game Bar which can be described as a dedicated interface for adjustments and tweaks.


Vizio M7 Series Quantum 2020 

This is one of the best options available for gamers who are on a budget. The Vizio M7 Series Quantum 2020 comes with FreeSync VRR support that helps to significantly minimize screen tearing. Note that with this gadget, you can only play games at 60fps maximum because it does not have 4k@120Hz. 

There are plenty of things to like about this low-cost device, including: 

  • Good response time;
  • Low input lag;
  • Full array local dimming feature;
  • Decent black uniformity;
  • VA panel with a superior native contrast ratio;
  • Black Frame Insertion feature that helps to enhance motion appearance;
  • A wide colour gamut for HDR content;
  • Good peak brightness;
  • Impressive reflection handling.

For its price range, there is no doubt that this is a great gaming TV for people who are on a budget.


Offering 4K resolution, this is one of the TVs that comes highly recommended for the Xbox Series. It is not only a top-notch gaming gadget but an incredible all-around television with world-class picture quality and tons of extra features. Self-lit pixels are one of the features that will impress you the most. These come with the ability to individually turn off. Additionally, all its 4 HDMI ports support HDMI2.1. This TV has no problem displaying signals up to 4k@ 120HZ with the Xbox Series. 

Fans of darkroom gaming will also appreciate the fact that this LG TV set produces pitch-perfect blacks and has a near-infinite contrast ratio. Another aspect that makes this device ideal for gaming is its prompt response time. This makes motion in fast-moving content, whether it is a sports match or first-person shooter, incredibly clear and smooth. Gaming on the machine feels responsive, thanks to the fact that it has very little input lag. Worth noting is that this OLED option also comes with advanced features like Latency Mode, Auto Low, and variable refresh rate. The TVs are also available in different sizes ranging from 48, 55, 65, and 77 inches.

Hisense U8G

Developed to replace Hisense H9G (2020), The Hisense U8G is a remarkable TV for gaming.  The device comes with two HDMI 2.1 ports and an enhanced colour gamut. Using this television also means that you will enjoy outstanding peak brightness, local dimming feature, wonderful contrast and masterful reflection handling. 

The TV has premium gaming features, low input lag and fast response time. Brilliant black uniformity and the ability to upscale low-resolution content with ease are other strong points of the Hisense U8G.

TCL 6-Series R635 

Delivering a QLED display, this is yet another option for gamers looking for the best televisions for the Xbox Series. Featuring a smooth 120Hz refresh rate and sharp 4K, this caters to the essential features of the Xbox Series. The device also supports multiple HDR standards like Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG. 

This TLC 6-series boasts a THX-certified game mode. This is a feature that has been designed to optimize the image around minimizing latency. ALLM support is another gaming-oriented tweak feature the device offers. This supports easy low latency and VRR. Perhaps because of its price point, it may be disappointing to learn that it does not come with FreeSync and G-Sync. These are, however, a few compromises that gamers can live with. 

Going through the above list, you can make an informed decision when shopping for a great TV for the Xbox Series. All you have to do is compare features and prices to pick the one that will best serve your gaming needs. 

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