If you want to get into shape for summer, now is the perfect time to start. There are many cool new fitness trends to try out and find your favorite routine to really look forward to your workouts. After all, trying something new or spicing up your pre-existing routine is a great way to find new motivation.

Here are 5 hot fitness trends to try out:

Tabata Training

Tabata training is a unique exercise style, being that it only lasts four minutes. These four minutes incorporate high intensity exercise, where you push yourself as hard as you can for 20 seconds, rest for 10, then repeat 7 more times for 8 total sets. Pick just about any full-body exercise that you like, from burpees to push-ups. Then repeat the 8 sets doing another exercise. Tabata training really boosts your endurance, speed, strength and mobility, while giving you the results that you are after. Today, you can also do Tabata training at home, thanks to apps like the 30-Day Fitness app that has a fun and extremely effective 30 minute Tabata Workout.

Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is a way to switch up your yoga practice and really work up a sweat. Hot yoga essentially refers to any type of yoga that is done in a heated room at 95-100 degrees Fahrenheit. It has the same benefits of traditional yoga, with physical, mental and/spiritual benefits from increased mindfulness, improved flexibility, increased body awareness, to increased strength.

Pole workout

A pole workout takes some serious strength, and it is also a great way to build to flexibility and confidence. While many associate a pole workout with the sexualized pole dancing, it is actually a fitness trend and effective workout that many are embracing. Since you are essentially using one piece of exercise equipment and relying on your body strength, the spins, moves and climbs burn fat, improve your cardiovascular fitness, and significantly increase your strength.

Body weight training

Body weight training has always been a workout style that we have seen in traditional training, but it is now getting the attention it deserves as a fitness trend. It does not require a gym membership or significant amounts of time in order to complete an effective workout, and you can do this type of training just about anywhere. It is primarily about simplicity, in which you can work against and with your own body weight for an effective workout.

Dance workouts

Dance workouts are fun and get your heart rate up. You can burn fat, increase strength, increase endurance, and improve mobility with dance workouts – all benefits that you’ll really notice a difference in rather quickly. So join a dance class solo or with friends or if you are more comfortable dancing at home, follow a dance workout and get that movement in!

The beauty of fitness is that it can be practiced in so many different ways. Therefore, everyone is bound to find something that works for oneself. It is really all about finding what works for you and what you enjoy doing, staying motivated, and prioritizing your health and wellness!