If you’ve ever considered getting a pet, you’ve most likely considered a dog, a cat, or maybe even a hamster! But have you considered getting a hedgehog? They make amazing pets — and here are the top 5 reasons why!

They are Quiet and Non-intrusive

Most pets can be quite loud, whether it’s the sound of their communication or them simply scurrying around… You won’t have this issue with hedgehogs! Hedgehogs are very quiet and discreet. The only sound you will hear from them will be a soft purring sound when they need something.

They are Low-maintenance

Hedgehogs do not require as much attention nor maintenance as some other pets. Hedgehogs are very independent creatures, only needing about a few minutes of attention each day. Also, you don’t need to walk them or install much equipment for them. All you should do is provide them with an exercise wheel and give them enough space to roam around.

They aren’t Smelly!

If you’ve had a pet before, you’ve most likely had to deal with their unpleasant odors. Luckily, hedgehogs don’t have this problem! Hedgehogs are not stinky at all, as long as you clean their cage regularly. If your hedgehog ever does start to stink, this can be a sign that your hedgehog is sick, so take them to the veterinarian clinic ASAP!

5 Reasons to Adopt a Hedgehog

They are Always Available!

Hedgehogs are interactive throughout the entire day, as they take intermittent naps during the day and night. If you work the night shift, you can rest assured knowing that they will be there to keep you company when you’re home!

You can Pet them!

You may think, from looking at them, that you cannot pet hedgehogs due to their quills — this is simply not true! Of course, you have to practice proper precautions and handle them with care. However, you should be extra careful handling them if the hedgehog is a baby, as their quills are much sharper than adults.

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