High temperature, sunny days, and lots of green-that is summer. The time when we feel young and euphoric. The time when we take a break from heavy clothes and create unforgettable memories.

Toronto, blessed with an abundance of green, flourishes in the hot season. Its beautiful flora blends with the terrific architecture of the city and create the perfect harmony of nature and man-made. This scenery inspires us to celebrate life with all its joy.

If you enjoy not only stunning weather but also great food (we bet you do), then why not combine these two pleasures? In this article, we would like to offer our own selection of dining locations you should visit to make the most of the last summer month.

toronto outdoor hot spot rendeviewz

RendezViews by The Fifth

RendezViews by The Fifth and The Ballroom

It is hard to call RendezViews just an eatery-this place is a real work of art. Can you imagine that not a long while ago, this masterpiece was just an ordinary parking lot? This incredible transformation happened thanks to the collaborative efforts of The Fifth and The Ballroom with Collective Arts Brewing. With its vibrant youthful colours that spread joy and exude summer vibes, the cultural spot gives you a chance to experience the ultimate pleasure of the hot season. Here you can hang out with your friends and enjoy smooth conversations with a glass of refreshing drink. To learn more about this immersive art experience, you can read our Article About RendezViews 

jungle brunch, indoor jungle interior and dining exerience

Chotto Matte Jungle Brunch

Chotto Matte-Jungle Brunch

Chotto Matte is a contemporary restaurant with delightful Nikkei meals and unparalleled design to imitate the setting of urban Tokyo. Nikkei is an exotic culinary fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisines that includes fresh tropical fish, quinoa, and hot spices as its main ingredients. Chotto Matte has been universally recognized for the restaurant’s artistic approach to this extraordinary cuisine, thanks to its talented chef Jordan Sclare.

This summer, Chotto Matte has launched a multi-sensory Jungle Brunch that will take you into the heart of a Peruvian jungle. You will enjoy Japanese-Peruvian-inspired dishes in the leafy tropical setting. The restaurant will thrill you with live entertainers, including aerial artists, acrobats, and performers dressed as animals to make your trip to the jungle even more exciting.  

outdoor rooftop pool for Hotel X In Toronto

Hotel X Rooftop Pool

Summer House by Hotel X

New Yorkers visit the Hamptons to take a break from the urban noise. As a Torontonian, you can get away from the metropolis without actually leaving it, thanks to Summer House by Hotel X. It is a Hamptons-inspired summer hub in the heart of Toronto that offers impeccable food and drinks, magnificent views, entertainment, as well as daily exercise classes. 

An enormous rooftop patio space is divided into five distinct zones, where you enjoy tropical-inspired meals, socialize, or just chill in the pool while sipping a refreshing cocktail. Doesn’t it feel like a real vacation? The spot also offers outdoor exercising and revitalizing yoga classes in case you want to add some action to your “trip”. 

the arch in Toronto's infamous Distillery District

The Distillery District

Distillery District 

Do you like eating great food, taking beautiful pictures, and travelling in time? If yes, then Toronto’s beloved Distillery District will enchant you. This place is a restored historic area that has picturesque old buildings filled with boutiques, galleries, artists’ studios, and restaurants. Although the district is close to the downtown, its peculiar cozy atmosphere will make you feel like you are in a small and charming Italian town rather than noisy modern Toronto. The cute art shops will inspire you to create something wonderful or simply cherish the beauty of your day. 

To meet a wide range of tastes, the district offers a large number of splendid restaurants, including El Catrin Destileria for Mexican cuisine lovers, posh French Cluny Bistro & Boulangerie, and Mill Street Brewpub with great craft beer. Most of the cafes have patios, which allow you to behold the beauty of the charming historic area. 

vanice beach bar in toronto

Venice Beach Bar

Venice Beach Bar

Beach umbrellas, boozy slushies, summer snacks, and all other essential attributes of a typical beach eatery-this is Venice Beach Bar. This place may look simple, but its chill atmosphere will make you feel like you’re in a classic surf bar in Southern California.

This pastel paradise, which used to be a former storage lot, offers meals from the grill and drinks that make summer the best season. Venice Beach Bar is a gateway from hectic city life that will help you recharge your mind and soul. 

The café will find a special place in the hearts of eco-lovers, as it uses no plastic straws and cutlery. Moreover, all the food is served in compostable containers.

These five options are just a tiny drop  of what Toronto has to offer for outdoor dining. If you would rather organize a picnic with your own delicacies, you may want to read our article about Five Beautiful Picnic Spots  The entire month of lovely weather is ahead, so make the most of it! 

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