There are standard survival kits that come with all the survival essentials. However, this does not mean you shouldn’t change or add some of your things. You can customize your survival kit in a way you will want it. With technological changes and other advancements, there are many things you can include in your survival kit. What you need to make sure is that your kit still has the essential needs. This article will discuss some of the crafty gadgets you need to include in the package. Continue reading for the list.

All-weather Matches

You understand how necessary matches are in your survival kit. They enable you light fires to create an alarm and also warm yourself when stuck in the wilderness. Besides this, they help to light up your cooking places to prepare your meal when stuck out there. However, not all matches are fit for the survival kit. You have to choose the waterproof matches for your kit. Why is it so? You can’t control the weather. Sometimes things change for the worse, which makes the regular matches never function in adverse weather conditions. The waterproof ones function regardless of the weather and the season. Since these matches have different features, it’s essential to check on the reviews to buy the best.

A solar charger

We now have different types of batteries, including rechargeable ones. You might be out for some days and need to light the area or recharge your devices, including smartphones. A solar battery charger is crucial since you can recharge it during the day and continue powering your lights and other devices when it’s dark. Solar chargers are also easy to maintain during natural calamities, which cut off electricity. There are different types of solar chargers you can choose from, depending on your budget and needs. Some come fully installed with a battery, while others are smaller and have no batteries. The one with a battery is the best since it stores energy to use when there is no sunshine.

An Emergency Radio

While nowadays we have smartphones, you can’t rely on them at all times. Sometimes it’s either they are dead or there is a signal issue. You might be in places with no signal at all. Emergency radios are the best in these situations. They can pick and transmit a signal quickly from your location. You can also find better emergency radios that come fully installed with rechargeable batteries, solar panels, USB charging ports, and an emergency beacon for your safety. You will use the radio for communication, charge your devices and also capture the solar energy. 

A Water Filter

Sometimes you can get stuck in areas with no water. The only freshwater you depend on is the one in your pack. Depending on the number of hours or days you are stuck, this water will run out, leaving you with no option but to find any water to quench your thirst. A water filter enables you to purify the available water and makes it clean for drinking. It helps purify any water, including rainwater, borehole water, stream water, and others. There are different types of improvised water filters you can choose from, including bottles with inbuilt filters, universal bottle adapters, and straws that can filter water as you drink.

A backup phone

How long does a smartphone charge last? It’s barely a day of constant use. This situation requires you to park an emergency backup phone, which you will use if your smartphone goes off. These emergency backup phones have long-lasting batteries, with some lasting even for two weeks. Ensure the phone is compact, lightweight and that it can survive harsh climatic conditions.

A camp stove

Your survival kit must contain a camping stove to use in preparing your meals. This stove should burn any organic matter and must be easy and fast to use. You can get some good technological stoves that come with batteries for capturing heat while in use. The captured heat is used to increase the flame intensity and power and charge devices, too, with its USB ports. If this seems expensive, get an easy to use a stove that burns on any energy source. Ensure you include its fuel too to avoid inconveniences in areas with no fuel. 

Besides the essentials, your survival kit must have the above crafty gadgets for it to be complete. These crafty items depend on your needs. They help when you want to communicate and stay safe while seeking help. Choosing these items will depend on several factors, including your budget, the size of your survival kit, the number of people you travel with, and other related factors.