There are so many decisions to make when planning your wedding, it is understandable that photographers may feel like the least of your worries. However, this industry can be one of the most important aspects of your special day! A good photographer will not only capture all the best moments, but they’re also someone who can help set the tone for your reception. So it will be a good idea to choose a photographer wisely.

1. Consider The Price

Understandably, you want your wedding to have nice photos, but don’t let the fact that one photographer’s style aligns more closely with what you’re looking for affect how much they charge. In other words, do not let price alone be the deciding factor for choosing a photographer. Many photographers will have their prices posted on their website like the photographers from Kapturly. It is true that photographers do charge different rates based on their experience and whether or not they are more popular in your area. But, there are many other factors to consider when selecting an experienced professional… like how long they’ve been photographing weddings. 

Many of the most sought-after photographers may be booked for your date, but that shouldn’t stop you from considering them anyway; they may have a new photographer on their team or an even more affordable option you hadn’t considered.

2. Look For Someone Who’s The Right Fit

Just like with any other vendor, if you can’t get along with them, you won’t have a good experience. If your personalities don’t mesh well, the photos aren’t going to be what you’re hoping for and it’ll be all because of how they interact with you and your guests (and not just because of how they take the photos). A photographer who is a good fit for you will acknowledge that they are not the main event at your wedding, but rather they are there to work.

3. Ask Other Couples For Their Recommendations

It can be very helpful to ask other couples who were married around the same time you were, who they used for their photography. They may have some great insight on prices and schedules, not to mention general personality types. Not only that, but it is easy enough for them to forward any correspondence they’ve had with the photographer so you can get a better feel for how it would be to work with them.

4. Check Reviews

Checking online reviews is another great way of finding out who you will be able to trust with the job! There are many different websites where people can leave reviews about different vendors, photographers included. Of course, Google reviews are also available and often helpful. Just be sure to read several, including the bad ones, so you are fully informed before making your final decision.


Photographs are all you have left of your day after it is over, so make sure they’re awesome! Ask to see their previous work in person or check out their website. Even if you don’t see anything that exactly suits your style, you still might be able to find something about their work that will make you feel comfortable with their skills (just like in the real world; you don’t have to love everyone for them to do a good job).

5. Get Everything In Writing

You need to get everything in writing with your photographer – the date, time, and location of your shoot; the style of photos you want; pricing information; etc. Every detail should be told to you in the contract and then reiterated during your first meeting/phone call. You don’t want any surprises, or at least as few as possible, so make sure all of this information is included beforehand!

6. Consider Package Options

Many photographers offer packages for their services, the more you purchase, the more you save! Just be sure to look through all the prices and packages, as this is a great way for a photographer to offer their services at a discount. Package options could also include things like albums, prints, or additional hours. It would be a great option if the company doing your photographs can also do your wedding video so that’s a thing you could also consider!

a newly wed couple being romantic on their wedding day - bride and groom

It can be very helpful to have all this information beforehand so you can ask intelligent questions and make an informed decision about who will be photographing your wedding! Even if the only thing you know is that it will be pricey, at least you’re aware of what could lie ahead for your big day!

Published on Holr Magazine