Are you worried that there’s something missing from your relationship? If so, you’re not alone. The events of the past year have driven a spike in break-ups and divorces – but that’s no reason to give up on your bond at the first sign of trouble. 

All relationships go through natural ebbs and flows and certain feelings and behaviours are bound to change over time. What’s important is that you can recognise any issues and take steps to correct them before they develop into something more serious.

So if you’re currently feeling lost or short on ideas, read a few practical tips for getting that spark back into your love life below. 

Dedicate quality time to each other

It’s easy to fall into comfortable routines and slowly put less effort into your relationship as other commitments begin to take priority. Putting regular quality time back on the agenda is one key step to reviving any relationship.

You could pick one night a week to do something as a two, whether that means a fancy dinner or a more casual and familiar activity. Or maybe you could try something entirely new, like taking an art class or going for a hike? 

Make a grand gesture

We all need to be reassured about how people see us from time, even when we know deep down that we’re loved. Could making a grand gesture help to firm up the commitment between you and your partner?

You could both arrange to renew your vows in front of those who matter most – or secretly invest in a special gift for your next relationship milestone. Eternity rings are a classic choice for anniversaries, for example. 

Do the small things too

Sometimes the small things can make just as big a difference. That could mean anything from brewing your partner’s favourite hot drink in the morning to surprising them with chocolates at the end of the day, or even just sending a romantic text when they’re out. 

You’re likely to find that doing whatever it is that puts a smile on your partner’s face, will end up putting one on yours too.  

Talk openly

If all the options above feel too distant or difficult to imagine working, perhaps it’s time to have an honest conversation about your relationship problems. You may find that you’ve both been feeling the same way, or the opposite way altogether. 

Try to have a balanced discussion and be open to taking on feedback. With a clearer understanding of how both parties view the relationship, you’ll find yourself in a stronger position to rebuild it. 

Long-term relationships are rarely a walk in the park. But with a little work, you could find yourself falling for each other all over again.