Pole dancing is an activity that is talked about in hushed tones. Only recently has the activity come into mainstream conversation.

Pole dancing is not only for gentleman’s clubs anymore. It has grown to be done by anyone who can pay for classes including housewives and career women.

There are many reasons why one may decide to take up pole dancing. The following are just a few reasons why you should try pole dancing now:


Coming from the office and back home to repeat the process can be quite monotonous. Pole dancing is an activity that can truly spice up your life.

Dancing is a form of play that is preferred to by many and is so much fun. Dancing up and down a pole is even more fun.

It is common to enter a pole dancing studio and see faces of smiling women flying on poles. It is an experience like no other especially if you get good at it.

You will also make friends when you go to a pole dancing studio. Some of your best friends might be in your pole dancing class.

Great Workout

Pole dancing is a very vigorous and engaging physical activity. There are muscles you will use that you might have never used before. You will need your core for stability, use your upper body and legs to hold on to the pole. You will need strong glutes as well. Swinging and performing various moves will also require a great deal of coordination.

A pole dancing class may serve as your main workout or as a complement to your gym routine. What is certain is that you will be exhausted but feel great after your pole dancing class.


One of the best reasons to start pole dancing right now is to improve your confidence. We could all do with a bit more confidence in our lives. You will get to be strong and fit when you stick to your pole dancing classes. The professionals at MissFit.com.au say that pole dancing requires physical prowess, which will certainly make you more confident. You will probably be unsure and uncoordinated the first time you try pole dancing. However, if you stick to it, you should be strutting like a pro in no time.

Feeling Sexy

An added benefit of pole dancing is that you will undoubtedly connect to your sensual side. When you do pole dancing, you feel sexy and empowered which improves your confidence. There is no body type necessary to do pole dancing. You can master the art regardless of your physical form. Therefore, you will be less insecure about your looks.

The pole dancing classes are places where women can encourage each other and there is little judgment. Feeling sexy should also translate into your bedroom activities. Your partner will be thrilled by your new moves and should incredibly spice up your sex life.

Widely Accessible

A fantastic reason to start pole dancing now is that anyone can do it. There are a wide variety of places where you can do pole dancing which means that there is somewhere for everyone.

You will find students of all ages when you sign up for pole dancing classes. There are also going to be those doing it for fun and others doing it for professional reasons.

Anyone, even the most uncoordinated and unathletic person can start doing pole dancing. Therefore, you should visit as many studios as you can and find a dance studio that fits your tastes and preferences.   


Pole dancing is great for your health as it is a very taxing physical activity. Dancing has long been an activity used to help others be more active and healthier. You will need to perform various moves that require strength, balance, and coordination. It will mean developing muscular strength as well as cardiovascular capacity.

Dancing will also help stretch various joints and muscles in your body. Movement in pole dancing is a way to work out your body in ways you cannot in the gym. You should do at least three sessions a week if you want to gain the health benefits of pole dancing. If you can do more, the more health benefits you will gain. Dancing is great for mental health as it is a lot of fun. There is also a sense of comradery in a pole dancing studio which benefits your mental health.


Pole dancing is a great activity for you to start doing now. The six points above should be enough to convince you to at least give it a start. There are many more benefits to pole dancing, you should find out the ones that suit you.