With fitness being as popular as ever before, it should come as no surprise that there are so many fitness classes and specific gyms popping up from seemingly out of nowhere.

From cycling clubs to CrossFit gyms, to Zumba classes, and everything in between, there’s something that will surely intrigue anyone itching to get serious about fitness. But because there’s so many, there are some that you may have missed hearing about. Case in point— the stretch studio.

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stretch studios

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If you’re never heard of stretch studios before, you might not think that they’re worth your time. But choosing to stay ignorant on what they are, or their pros and cons could turn out to be a mistake. Depending on your physical and/or fitness needs, attending a stretch studio could be the thing you need to improve yourself even more. That’s why more research has been done on stretch studios as a whole— so you can decide what’s right for you and your body.

The first thing that you need to understand about stretch studios is that the results achieved from partaking in such an activity will vary from person to person. Granted, this is the same thing that’s said for anyone who tries any diet or fitness activity for the very first time. Do your research on stretch studios in your area before you select one that’s right for you. Also, don’t even think about comparing your results with another’s. Remember: the results of working out— even if it’s just stretching— will vary from one person to the next.


stretch studios

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But in the case of stretch studios, the type of stretching you do matters. Dynamic stretching will warm your body up and get your mind prepared for what you’re about to do in your workout. Meanwhile, static stretching may improve your range of motion, as well as joint mobility. But no matter which one you do, experts suspect that such effects are merely temporary. In fact, it may not even help prevent injury. But the main thing to take away is that most benefits of stretching overall has yet to be confirmed. 

The idea of stretch studios came about as a way to encourage people to practice active recovery. This important aspect of working out tends to be neglected, so stretch studios are available for people to learn how to practice stretching techniques that may help that process. Some offer sports-specific classes; others are just group classes of multipe people stretching. Also, one studio’s method of stretching— as well as how long a session takes— could be vastly different from another’s. Another thing that ranges wildly is price, so do your research before you settle on a stretch studio for yourself.



You might think that participating in a stretching class will be the easiest thing you do that’s fitness-related. But in reality, that’s an incredibly foolish thing to believe. If stretching is done incorrectly, you’re most likely not stretching the desired body part properly. That could create a problem in the future.

Another issue comes from stretching too fast. Start slow, and then work your way to something faster; even if you’re trying to warm your body up. Finally, pushing your body too far could very well cause immediate consequences. The best thing you can do is to speak with your doctor or another trusted medical professional before you begin attending a stretch studio to ensure that it’s right for you. You should also consult them if you encounter any issues from stretching.

The bottom line is this— only attend a stretch studio if you truly believe that it will benefit your health. If you need to schedule a day or two for solid stretching for recovery, attending a stretch studio will work for you. But if you don’t have the money— or you’d rather spend that money on something else entirely— incorporate simple stretches during your regular workouts. That will help strengthen your body in an easy way. In the end, the choice really is up to you.


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