If you’re a motorcycle fan, you’ll want to make sure your ride has both speed and style. There are various types of motorcycles that can accomplish this for you. Choppers were created in an attempt to combine these two qualities into a single two-wheel beast of a machine. Several classic and extremely rare chopper types were built as different manufacturers battled to be the best. The list is obviously extensive, but in this piece, we explore six of the most iconic machines produced over the years.

1. The Traub Motorcycle 

Let’s start with the Traub motorcycle, which is absolutely out of the ordinary. It’s the only one of its kind, with no known maker. A plumber discovered the motorcycle in 1967. According to the research done, the motorcycle had been stored there since 1916. Most motorcycle enthusiasts find this quite intriguing. If you have been following motorcycle news and information of modern times, you know one thing for sure. There are numerous elegant and iconic chopper bike models out there. This means that it is not the only superbike ever made in other words.

However, Traub’s superb engineering plus the fact that it’s the only one of its kind make it distinctively remarkable. The engineering utilized at the time of its creation was far ahead of its time. So, if you consider yourself a motorcycle fan in this day and age, what would you think of the designer of this unusual machine?

2. Gears of War 

Now, if you believe you’ve seen everything, here’s something you might not know. The moniker given to this American machine should have already piqued your interest. If you’re a gamer, you’ve probably heard of the Gears of War series. The bike was created and built to fit into the game’s scenario. The bike builders incorporated designs that would make it look out of this world, as the game was more of a post-apocalyptic environment with aliens. The bike appeared unusual to the average individual. This particular feature of the bike, on the other hand, is what distinguishes it.

3. The Christopher Reeve Bike 

While everyone else was enjoying the thrill of riding bikes, especially chopper bikes that represent so much of American culture, our brothers and sisters in wheelchairs were unable to participate in the enjoyment. This is the point where someone decides to develop something that meets their requirements. The Christopher Reeve Bike is a chopper with a wheelchair-like seat and three wheels instead of a seat and two wheels, all of which are designed to make each motorcycle ride spectacular and safe for persons who use wheelchairs. The fact that the bike’s design was created with the requirements of the disabled in mind is what makes it unique and iconic.

4. The Fire Bike 

There are events in American history that will live on in our memories forever. One of these occurrences is the 9/11 tragedy, which resulted in the deaths of several firefighters as well as a large number of civilians. The fire bike was made to pay tribute to the fire people who lost their lives during this tragic event. It’s made to look like a fire vehicle. As you might guess, making a bike that looks like a fire truck isn’t easy. The designers, on the other hand, transformed the bike into something iconic and uncommon. It’s mostly red and has several of the same features as a fire truck. The model has been adopted in several countries to take the firefighting services to meet the urgency that a fire truck can’t meet.

5. Matchless Silver Hawk

England is well-known for being a fierce rival in the automotive business with the United States. The matchless silver hawk was built in the early 1900s to try to combine the comfort of vehicles with the high-end performance of motorbikes. Although the brand did not achieve considerable success in later years, the few machines produced at the time are now regarded as some of the most iconic machines ever created. The type wasn’t quite a chopper, but it had a shape that was similar to modern chopper bikes.

6. The Cadillac

Cadillac is a well-known automobile brand in the United States. This company’s SUVs are a common sight, especially among government officials. As previously stated, most choppers become exceptional when their designers are bold enough to incorporate their wild ideas into their designs. The Cadillac bike is a one-of-a-kind chopper inspired by Cadillac automobiles. The bike is unique and interesting because it transforms a car model into a motorcycle in a simple but striking manner.

As a motorcycle enthusiast, there are those ideas that linger in your mind on what you would do to make it more outstanding or at least better fit your style. People who let their ideas guide their designs end up coming up with unique designs. This piece has highlighted some of the iconic designs that are known and others that are not so famous but still fascinating.