Different types of truck accidents cases are different in many ways. It is important to understand the difference between these two types of cases so you can know what to expect, and what steps to take next.  What things do you need to understand about the difference between truck accident cases?  Find out here!

Blind Spot Accidents 

Blindspot trucking accidents are pretty common and cause a lot of trouble on the roads in Massachusetts. You need to be extra careful on the road because of this, because, as every Brockton truck accident lawyer will explain, they cause way more damage than other accidents. Driving further away from trucks is your best shot. 

These accidents happen when a driver doesn’t see a car in their blind spot and then changes lanes, causing an accident. These accidents happen frequently because trucks have large blind spots that other cars just aren’t used to seeing.

These can cause problems for both the drivers and passengers of Massachusetts vehicles, but specifically, these cases are very difficult when it comes down to fault or liability. This is because of a difference in mass. It can be really hard to determine which party was going faster and who had the right-of-way when the truck has such a significant difference from other cars on the road.

Head-on And Rear-end Collision

These accidents happen when a truck collides head-on or in the rear with another vehicle. In a head-on collision, both vehicles are usually heading straight at each other before they collide while in a rear-end accident the cars behind impact the back of semi-trucks forcing them to stop suddenly.

  • Head-on and rear-end collision trucking accident cases can be very different from other car accidents.
  • In head-on collisions, the difference between a small or large truck may affect who is at fault for the accident since it could mean that one driver was going much faster than they should have been.
  • In rear-end collisions, the difference in size may affect who is at fault for the accident since it could mean that one driver was going much slower than they should have been or not paying attention to what was ahead of them.

Jackknife Accidents 

Jackknife trucking accidents are pretty common. This is because they are so dangerous and have similarly harmful outcomes, which can lead to serious injury or even death if not handled correctly. This difference in trucking accidents makes it essential that you understand what separates them from other types of collisions for your case’s sake.

In these types of collisions, the truck is more likely to flip over or jackknife. This difference means that there are many more opportunities for your injuries to be exacerbated by other factors than if you were in another type of accident with a different vehicle.

Roll-over Accidents 

When roll-over accidents happen, the difference between truck accident cases becomes much more evident. Roll-overs are often classified as a type of car accident, but they really should be treated differently than other types of accidents. 

In most of these crashes, there is no contact with another vehicle or object from outside the vehicle which makes it so important to understand this difference when working with an attorney. Because these accidents can cause serious injuries and even fatalities, you want to work closely with experienced legal representation who understands how different roll-over accidents can be from traditional car collisions. 

Tire Blowouts 

Tire blowouts are very dangerous because they catch everyone on the road by surprise. Not only do they cause accidents, but if you are driving a large truck or commercial vehicle with blown-out tires there is an even greater risk of loss of control. 

Tire blowouts are common in commercial vehicle accidents because the tires on these vehicles can be more exposed to heat and pressure which leads to them blowing out. This difference makes it very important for truck drivers who have blown out a tire to pull over immediately if possible, or at least drive slowly until they can safely maneuver their vehicle. 

Underride Accidents 

This trucking accident is caused by a difference in weight between the truck and your car. You can’t see under a semi-truck’s trailer, so if you hit it from behind it’s possible that your car can slide under the truck. This difference in weight between vehicles is called an underride accident.  


In some underride accidents, people have been killed or seriously injured when their car slides underneath a semi-truck and into its rear axle. The size difference in these two vehicles means that if your vehicle isn’t large enough to stop fatalities from occurring before going under the truck’s rear axle, you could lose your life in underride accidents.

a truck driving on the open country roads

Different truck accident cases have different outcomes both on the road and in court. Some of them are more dangerous than others and different people can be held liable. Sometimes it’s the driver, sometimes it’s the company when they overload the cargo and cause a blowout. Then again, there are cases where it’s just an unfortunate event and nobody can be held liable. Whatever the case, you should always be careful and ready for these things to happen!

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