Trip Advisor’s 2020 List of Best Destinations in the World.

Dazzling beaches, impressive cityscapes, and historic sites, Trip Advisor’s list for the best travel destinations of 2020 is full of well known bustling cities and island paradises. Here is a closer look at some of the destinations from the list. 


Frozen in time for decades, Cuba is slowly modernizing but retains its retro charm. The vintage atmosphere is most felt in the colourful cities, where new hotels and restaurants continue to pop up, while the beachside resorts remain laid-back and relaxing. 

Phuket, Thailand 

A common stop for backpackers, the affordability of Phuket paired with the unparalleled beaches and coves, perfect for watersports and diving, are what bring so many travellers here. While Buddhist temples and gardens are less visited compared to the beaches, they are just as worthwhile. 

Istanbul, Turkey 

Centuries of diverse cultural and religious influences come together in this city that sits on the border of two continents. From the Hagia Sophia to the Bosphorus, there are plenty of historic sites, boutiques, and food choices. 

Goa, India

The palm-fringed beaches and laid back atmosphere of Goa have attracted foreigners and nationals here for decades. Stretched along the southwest coast of the country there are busy resorts or quiet corners if you take the time to look. 

Dubai, UAE

The glamorous, luxurious, and futuristic gem of the Persian Gulf continues to develop at break-neck speed. See famous sites like the Burj Khalifa and the Palm Jumeirah islands, discover the culturally rich old city, or venture outside of the metropolis for a desert adventure. 

Bali, Indonesia 

A tropical paradise that is becoming more and more popular, Bali attracts so many visitors for its beaches, surfing, diving, yoga, and luxurious jungle resorts. The region also has plenty to offer in cultural and religious sites, with ruins and temples popular among travellers. 

Dominican Republic 

This country is geographically diverse, culturally rich, and a beach paradise. From colonial and Victorian influenced Santo Domingo and Puerto Plata to jungle adventures and a thriving entertainment and nightlife sector wherever you go, the Dominican Republic has something for everyone. 

Hoi An, Vietnam 

Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and European influences blend in Hoi An, a UNESCO Heritage Site that has tried to keep its traditional charm by limiting motorbikes and decorating the city with lanterns. One thing not to miss is the culinary scene, which makes the city famous in the region. 

Siam Reap, Cambodia

Even though it’s gaining a reputation as a tourist party center, Siam Reap maintains its charm and distinct atmosphere. Stunning temples and markets complement the nightlife, while the nearby ruins of Angkor internationally famous must-sees. 

Marrakesh, Morocco 

Nicknamed the “Red City” for the red ochre buildings that complement the vibrant colours of the markets, gardens, and palaces, Marrakesh has been a trading and meeting place for centuries. El Badi Palace, the Saadian Tombs, and the Koutoubia Minaret are just a few of the sites to be seen here. 

Crete, Greece

White sprawling beaches and crystal blue waters and only half the appeal of Crete. The island is suffused in Greek history and mythology with plenty of ancient sites and knowledge to discover. 

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