Since the start of the pandemic, many people have spent a significantly increased amount of time indoors. Working from home had become normalized and hours couped up in bed while binge watching shows on Netflix became a go-to for passing time.


Photo Credit: La Résidence by Léon and George (2021)

As quarantining became normalized, one thing I’ve learned is that your living space should be your sanctuary. It’s the place where you should feel most comfortable and at ease – something we’ve all needed to feel in the last year. It’s no surprise that many people became plant parents this year, buying multiple plants and nurturing them from home.

In addition to aesthetic benefits, there are so many advantages to keeping indoor plants at home. Here are a few benefits of having plants in your living space!

Lower Anxiety and Stress

House plants are known to relieve anxiety and stress while promoting calmness and a sense of wellbeing. A studypublished in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology found that plants create soothing effects and makes one feel more comfortable. This was done through a study that assigned two different tasks to participants: repotting a houseplant or completing a short computer-based task. After each task, researchers measured biological factors correlated to stress; results found that indoor gardening lowered stress levels responses in participants.

Helps us to be More Mindful

Plants promote mindfulness as it helps us connect and embrace relationships to nature and other living things. Mindfulness is the ability to be present in the moment; fostering plants helps us ground ourselves in the “now” as we focus on the plant’s growth and actively nourishing it to become the best version of itself.

Helps Purify the Air

One of the most common reasons people buy house plants is because it is known to purify and clean the air within indoor environments. Since we spend so much time inside, especially during the pandemic, buying plants is a great way to take care of yourself and stay healthy. Studies have shown that indoor plants prevents certain diseases and are able to remove air pollutants such as carbon monoxide and formaldehyde.

Boosts Concentration and Productivity

Indoor plants are proven to enhance our ability to focus. Those with a view of nature within their indoor work settings helps boost concentration as the plants provide a small break before returning back to work. Studies have shown that indoor plants can also increase memory retention up to 20 per cent.

Plants are a beautiful way to improve the coziness of your indoor living space, as well provide a handful of benefits that are great for your physical and mental wellbeing. If you’re looking to spruce up your home, head over to your local plant store and pick up some greenery!


Published by HOLR Magazine.